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Principal showcases student leaders

Freshmen Maura Christianson, Lauren Cuta, amd Edy McCurrie are shown socializing by the Student Leadership Board in the main rotunda during homecoming week.

William Raymond, Podcast Reporter

September 23, 2019

The school built a new installation showcasing student leaders in the downstairs main rotunda. This new installation brings an updated and refreshing look to the rotunda while also highlighting students leaders recognized for leadership in academics to our democratic elected representatives in Student Council. Over the course of the last four mon...

Black History Month represents growing community for students of color

Senior and Black Student Union Co-President Misikir Kebede introduces herself during the first Black History Month event, a Girls of Color panel focusing on the intersection of race and gender.

Abby Banks, Print Editor-in-Chief

February 23, 2019

Black History Month saw different events celebrating the cultures of students of color. Via panels, showcases, dancing and culturally significant music played during passing time, Black Student Union and Student Council worked together to host events throughout February. Black Student Union is entering its second year and increasing ...

School rolls out Flex Time program

School rolls out Flex Time program

Cassie Ales, Layout Editor

October 19, 2017

In addition to the new building expansions and upgrades and a larger school student body, students can also expect a change to their schedules with Flex time; a free period of 40 minutes which will take place between third and fourth hour every Tuesday and Thursday. Flex time is expected to build r...

“Tony’s Delivery Service” broadens sense of school community

Photo by Kayley Winkelman

Kayley Winkelman, Photography Editor

April 3, 2015

Walking the halls during third period, an eager face can be seen pushing a cart labeled “Tony’s Delivery Service.” This friendly face belongs to Tony, a special needs student who along with his paraprofessional, Beth Anderson, make deliveries to staff throughout the school. Tony is an amazing...

Staff Editorial: students need to take responsibility in cafeteria

Staff Editorial: students need to take responsibility in cafeteria

Pony Express Staff

February 13, 2015

Culture can mean a lot to a specific group of people or tightly bound community. At Stillwater Area High School, it is no different. The atmosphere and culture surrounding the school is inviting, it can be see through thriving students with outstanding ACT scores and grade point averages. Students already seem...

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