School start times might change

Kaylee Kellogg, Graphics Editor

Graphic by Aubree Bigger

In the upcoming years, there is a possibility school start times may change. The school board is re-discussing if they think moving start times back would be beneficial for students at Stillwater Area High School. Studies have shown high school students do better mentally, physically and academically when they start school later than 8 a.m.

In order to keep a similar bussing schedule the idea is to switch the elementary and high school start times. Although some people believe changing start times would be a hassle, older students would be able to sleep more and be better prepared.

A different school in the area, St. Croix Prep starts school at 9:30 a.m. for grades K-12. School Board Chairperson, Alison Sherman has two kids at St. Croix Prep, one high schooler and one in elementary. Alison explained that her high schooler loves the later start time as she can sleep in, but the kid in elementary has more energy early in the morning that gets wasted.

High school-age students are more likely to stay up later, but they also need their sleep. Most high school students would benefit from moving start times back and getting more sleep in the morning. On the contrary, elementary students may like the early start time to get all of their energy out.

When talking about SAHS start time, Sherman said, “Probably one of the most discussed topics with me, when I talk to students is we start too early, and the impact on mental health and the impact on academics.”

Probably one of the most discussed topics with me, when I talk to students is we start too early, and the impact on mental health and the impact on academics.

— Alison Sherman

If the school board votes to change start times there would be a lot of switching around and moving things around for the district. At the high school clubs, activities, and sports would all have to be moved back.

“As far as practice times and things like that, those would all get pushed back,” Principal Robert Bach said.

At the elementary schools, they would have to move around childcare, adventure club and some sports.

Teresa Millner has a third grader at Lake Elmo, a sixth grader at Oakland, and a ninth grader at the high school. “I think it’d be great, but they have to pick up a little because that’s just tough on parents. We would figure it out. But I can’t tell you I would not not like it,” Millner said.

All of the schools in the district would have a lot of preparing and sorting out to do. For many parents and families, the change would be hard, but it would just be a new routine to settle into.

“Other high schools are making it work. There’s gotta be a way that we can make it work,” Sherman said.