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Coronavirus impacts on local education

Stillwater Schools haver started to offer free lunches to anyone through the age of eighteen. There are various meal drop-offs throughout the school district.
Alex Steil, Online Editor-in-Chief March 25, 2020

The coronavirus was on everyone’s radar. Most knew about it and that it would impact economic markets. No one, however, knew it would disrupt the world economy to this extent. More importantly though,...

School Board violates Open Meeting Law, not strong enough response

The School Board formed a quorum at the correct time at the Nov. 14 meeting.  They formed a quorum when they should not have done so at the Aug. 29 Working Group meeting.  That was the reason they received an opinion letter from Commissioner Alice Roberts-Davis from the Minnesota Department of Administration.
John Franklin, Copy Editor-in-Chief November 20, 2019

On Aug. 29, the School Board formed a quorum at a Finance and Operations Working group meeting, therefore violating Minnesota's Open Meeting Law (OML).  This was confirmed by an advisory opinion letter...

Superintendent Pontrelli deserves complete support from community

School board members voted 5-2 at a board meeting in June to begin discussions about a separation agreement. Superintendent Pontrelli is not interested in cutting ties with District 834.
Julia Bennet, Social Media Editor-in-Chief October 28, 2019

The school board began discussions this past summer regarding a separation agreement with the Superintendent Denise Pontrelli. Closing three elementary schools and changing the course of action for the...

Year-round school offers less time for relearning

Students on a year-round schedule are not able to attend most summer camps or mission trips. With a ten month schedule, students that attend young life are able to go to camps and meet new people.
Issy Boegel, Copy Editor March 2, 2019

"I would hate year-round school. I like summer vacation and having a long time off to just relax," senior Shamus Boe said. Students are aware of the 10 month calendar that includes the much anticipated...

Retired educators hold first ever Sweetheart Ball for school safety

Hannah Sween, Print Editor-in-Chief February 16, 2019

The jazzy richness of a saxophone filled The Grand as a brother and sister danced together in a giggly, bumbling embrace. Parents, the jazz band, and attending adults looked on with cameras and smiles...

Superintendent Pontrelli shares glimpse into her role

Superintendent Denise Pontrelli traveled in Italy last year with her family. She loves to travel for fun outside of work.
Claire Anderson, Field Reporter Editor December 3, 2018

Many people wonder what the job of being a superintendent is like. "The only reason I do this is to try and make it a better experience for kids," Superintendent Denise Pontrelli said. Denise Pontrelli...

School board discusses $2.4 million deficit

District leaders will discuss options to cut $2.4 million from the district budget. A portion of those cuts may impact students and staff at the high school.
Julia Bennett, Business Editor November 8, 2018

There will be new budget cuts in the district this year. The district is looking to address a $2.4 million deficit. The first school board meeting took place on Oct. 10 to begin conversations for new...

EIC Column: peer counseling program long overdue

EIC Column: peer counseling program long overdue
Abby Banks, Print Editor-in-Chief November 6, 2018

With three deaths within three years in the Stillwater school district, the ISD 834 school board finally took the initiative to create a mental health program for middle and high school students. It's...

Dodds, Maxwell and Kaul lead new Peer Helper program

Dodds, Maxwell and Kaul lead new Peer Helper program
Carina Block, Copy Editor November 2, 2018

Adolescents often turn to their peers rather than adults with their problems. The new peer helper program begins this fall is a support system for the students that are most often relied on by others...

Potential Brookview addition sparks debate

Brookview Elementary, the second smallest school in the district, stands on Brookview Avenue.  It is so small that according to Superintendent Denise Pontrelli,
John Franklin, Copy Editor October 23, 2018

The School Board has met on multiple occasions over the past months to discuss a possible expansion to Brookview Elementary. They have also explored whether to re-open Oak-Park and spend money to hire...

District influences shift as community notices internal politics

District influences shift as community notices internal politics
Abby Banks, Print Editor-in-Chief December 9, 2017

"I'm never going to vote yes on any future school district [levy]. That bond referendum was such a slap in the face," Denise Knoll, parent of three fourth-generation Stillwater graduates and member...

All gender bathrooms offer additional options

All gender bathrooms offer additional options
Lilly Sample, Online Editor November 6, 2017

Gender neutral bathrooms were added to the schools in the last year. The GSA (Gender-Sexuality Alliance Club) has advocated for their building in the past years, and now they make their debut this...

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