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Captured in this photo is the varsity football team practicing for their game against White Bear on Oct. 9. They are practicing on one of the many practice fields, located in the back of the school. As seen in the photo, the coaches have masks or face coverings on, along with some of the parents and family members watching the practice.

Football moves to fall amid coronavirus

Mikai Tasch, Social Media Editor November 5, 2020

This fall, starting in late September, football will be played in grades 9-12. Although a deadly virus has struck since early March, football is now resuming despite concerns of the coronavirus. There...

Although there is no vaccine for the coronavirus, there are ways to prevent it from spreading. People who practice good hygiene have a better chance of not contracting the virus than those who do not.

Canadian worker recovers from coronavirus

Emma Wagner, Copy Editor April 17, 2020

The idea of contracting the corona virus is terrifying for many people. The harsh symptoms and the possibility of death has led to a nationwide lock-down and a new era of social distancing. One person...

A tourist on a bus wears a mask to try to stop the spread of germs.

Coronavirus causes different reactions in teens

Annabel Lantz, Photography Editor March 29, 2020

Coronavirus, which started in China, has now spread to other countries, including the United States. The virus has flu-like symptoms such as cough, fever and in some more severe cases, pneumonia. The virus...

People are forced to shelter in place at their homes. Therefore, food delivery services such as Ubereats and others have started to deliver more food to families front steps.

COVID-19 brings light to food delivery services

Maria Supan, Business Editor March 28, 2020

Food delivery services have made a mark throughout the community. Many households use delivery services such as Uber Eats or Doordash for on the go convenience purposes. These drop off food companies have...

Musical theatre students bond during a break for their rehearsals for the “Beauty and the Beast.” The group worked hard for weeks, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the show is now cancelled.

The show must go on; how theatre addresses tragedy

Olivia Bystrom, Field Reporter March 26, 2020

A great performance takes time to prepare. With daily rehearsals and a practically nonstop schedule for the last month, the theatre department was working tirelessly to put together the final show of the...

Sophomore Katie Liss practices Max Bruch’s “Violin Concerto no. 1.” Concert Orchestra director, Zach Sawyer, due to distance learning constraints, will now have students input their goals for daily practice routine in a virtual practice journal.

The day the music died

Olivia Bystrom, Field Reporter March 26, 2020

Amidst a worldwide health crisis and a quarantined nation, a lot is lost to self isolation. With schools closed and distance learning in place, the arts and music departments are at a standstill. At their...

The University of Minnesota Mall is unusually bare for March 26 at noon. Students were sent home after the first major developments in the coronavirus pandemic.

Students return home as Universities shut down

Drew Jurek, Layout Editor March 26, 2020

When college freshman, Chester Hearne, heard the University of Minnesota would institute an extension to spring break, he was happy. An extension in his mind meant he would be able to spend more time...

This detailed graph shows the Nitrogen dioxide emissions in China in Jan. and Feb. before and after the coronavirus outbreak. The picture in Feb. had a drastic reduction in Nitrogen dioxide levels in the air due to people being quarantined.

Coronavirus quarantine causes positive benefits for environment

Paige Sanders, Photography Editor-in-Chief March 26, 2020

The coronavirus outbreak has caused a halt on many public events, sports, and even schools. With the spread of the virus across the states, people have been quarantined in their homes for weeks to help...

Tennis courts, which are usually filled with flying balls around the court, has no movement to be seen after school was cancelled.

Seniors hope last season isn’t more than just postponed

Haley Nelson, Online Editor-in-Chief March 26, 2020

Some Seniors put hours upon hours into their sports, days and nights, turning down friends wanting to hang out, just to practice or play a game. High school sports are one of those moments, where all...

The Stillwater Pony Express editors-in-chief meet over Google Hangouts, a new way of meeting after Governor Tim Walz cancelled school and advised against meeting in groups for the time being.

Technology impacting education in tragic time

Ella Gag, Social Media Editor March 26, 2020

In this time of tragedy and despair technology will impact it all. Coronavirus has rapidly spread throughout the world as a pandemic. Measures have been taken to prevent the virus from growing. One being...

The downtown Stillwater community has been bare bones lately. Most are staying home at the direction of Governor Walz and other government officials.

Community comes together to fight Coronavirus amid social distancing

John Franklin, Copy Editor-in-chief March 26, 2020

According to the World Health Organization, People should stay one meter (3 feet) away from each other during this pandemic.  In the St. Croix Valley, the community has found many ways to come together...

On Wednesday Mar. 11, President Donald Trump delivered a National Address on the coronavirus. In his speech he declared the virus a

The Trump Administration’s steps to a corona-less nation

Elaina Mankowski , Layout Editor March 25, 2020

The coronavirus has shocked the world in its quick and destructive expansion. Just months after the virus originated in China, the World Health Organization (WHO) has officially declared coronavirus a...

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