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Jewelry trends making comebacks

Junior Addie Scholtes never leaves her house without her rings on, they have become an essential for her everyday outfit.
Lauren Feldkamp, Online Editor October 26, 2015

From cheap chokers to expensive watches, students are willing to buy it all. Many high school students have jewelry interests that were once a hot trend and are now making their way back in style. Chokers,...

Halloween traditions for all ages

Pumpkin Picking with Charlotte Gale (left) and David Gale (right)! “Nothing is more fun than seeing all those happy faces,” Scheel said.
Karisma Vang, Social Media Editor October 26, 2015

You know what time of year it is, when kids stay up all night running door to door getting their stash of candy for the next year. While many people are doing the traditional Halloween events, trick-or-treating,...

Mason Bartosh’s experience in Tanzania

The mission group worked with children to make the local library more fun for kids.
Craig Sanislo, Online Editor October 26, 2015

Junior Mason Bartosh is a normal guy, he plays soccer and hockey. Last summer however, instead of relaxing poolside like most students, he flew to the other side of the world to help a village in Tanzania. The...

Selfie stick zooms into popularity

Senior Brooke Espelien got her selfie stick for free via a promotion at American Eagle.
Sam Begin, Print Editor-in-Chief October 26, 2015

The selfie stick. Love it or hate it, it has arrived and is making inroads as a popular tool among students. Whether seen at a storefront, on social media, or at a sporting event, the selfie-stick...

Kierstyn Tupa travels her way to success

Kierstyn Tupa modeling for l.a. Models in California during this past summer. This is one of her many shots used on the website for the agency when people are in the need for a model with a certain look.
Annie Seiler, Online Editor October 25, 2015

After hopping out of a plane at the LAX airport, junior Kierstyn Tupa hits the gym, grabs a smoothie and heads to her modeling shoot or dance class for that day. Day in and day out in Los Angeles,...

Colin Corcoran to play at John Carroll University

Colin Corcoran weaves through defenders while playing for his summer team, the
Dylan Andres, Social Media Editor October 24, 2015

  In late August 2015, senior Colin Corcoran committed to play lacrosse at John Carroll University in Ohio. Corcoran has decided to further his education and lacrosse career at John Carroll...

Students stress about grades, not about learning

Darby Whitehill is incredibly outspoken, and loves what he does, in this picture he is teaching his Algebra 3 class in the morning.
Brian Jaap, Layout Editor October 21, 2015

"There's definitely too much stress on grades in my opinion," junior Corri Gardner said. "Instead of learning to enhance lives, we're rushing to get everything done. On the other hand, knowledge can...

Fairgrounds transform into zombie playground

The Military Zombie Hunt is at the Washington County Fairgrounds, where participants get the chance to shoot paintballs at oncoming zombies via army trucks.
James Thomson, Read and Watch Camera Editor October 20, 2015

Military Zombie Hunt is a paintball game that occurs at the Washington County Fairgrounds. Customers get to ride in the back of military grade trucks while firing paintballs at oncoming "zombies." Military...

Assistant Principal Matt Kraft joins SAHS from Woodbury

Kraft displays his pride for East Ridge football.
Dylan Cook, Visual Arts Media Editor October 19, 2015

This year Stillwater Area High School brought Matt Kraft into the district as a new Assistant Principal. This addition will bring a new personality and set of skills to the district. Kraft began his...

Gender neutral bathrooms, next step in transgender equality

Senior Mary Norkol enters a male oriented bathroom in a Caribou Coffee.
Joe Rice, Print Editor-in-Chief October 15, 2015

Transgender equality has become a vocal debate in the recent months, and what seemed to be a far off issue is starting to creep closer to home. With former Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner changing his name...

District 834 expands high school for freshmen

Assistant Principal Bill Howlett talked to community members about the new changes.
Shad Kraftson, Distribution Reporter October 13, 2015

The new renovations in the high school will make seniors and juniors want to stick around for the 2017-2018 school year. Sophomores are in for a treat their senior year as many excited features will...

Building remodel impacts parking lot space

With trying to parking in the morning and and chaos of trying to get out the parking lot can get a bit crazy.
Madison Crain, Layout Editor October 13, 2015

In two years the ninth graders are coming to the high school, the school and parking lot are getting a new look. The chaos of trying to park in the morning and the rush when school is over a school...

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