Girls hockey sticks together, strong team dynamics

Starting the season off with their eyes on State


Photo by Hazel Flock

Varsity girls team practices at the Lily Lake arena on Nov. 14 as they prepare for their game against Forest Lake.

Hazel Flock, Layout Editor

As the varsity girls start their new season, head coach Lee Gillespie began on how the girls train. They have been training harder in hopes of making it to the state championship this year.

Gillespie, who has been the head coach of the girls team for three years, hopes to lead the varsity team to win their first state championship since 2009. The girls were told after making it through tryouts that if they were not willing to give this year their all, they could walk out.

Sophomore Morgan Wohlers who has been on the varsity team since eighth grade hopes to see a state win for the first time since she’s joined. She knows a good team spirit is important to a successful year and is working hard to become a captain next year.

“I think our goal is trying to really work on our skills… he’s trying to break old habits he wants us to know we have a lot of potential to do good,” Wohlers said.

Without having a recent state win, Gillespie wants to make sure the girls are at the top of their game. They have been breaking old habits by working on being better team players. He makes sure the girls are on top of their game at all times.

I think our goal is trying to like really work on our skills… he’s trying to break old habits he wants us to know we have a lot of potential to do good.

— Morgan Wohlers

“You can’t go through the motions, at times we had a bad habit of doing that,” Gillespie said.

So far the girls have had four games, winning two and losing two, however the girls are still optimistic for the season.

“I think our team is trying to do too much instead of just doing the basics,” junior captain Lauren Einan added.

When on a team it is important to make sure a player’s attention is not on who they believe the biggest competition is. The girls know this and play each team with the same effort every time. 

“We try not to worry about who we are playing we just play our best regardless of who the better teams are… I tell them all the time it’s just a different color jersey,” Gillespie said.

While the girls claim Cretin will be their biggest competition if they want to win the state title this year, they are working hard to get back on top after a disappointing season last year. They believe with a lot of hard work they will be able to bring the State title back this year.