EIC Column: ALC part of school community

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The St. Croix Valley Area Learning Center (ALC) has been moved to the high school campus this year. With each school running on different time schedules, a complete change in building size and environment, ALC students are adjusting to the new environment. Having the two separate student bodies within the high school come together as a community will benefit all students.

The ALC is an alternative schooling opportunity for students who have struggled with a more traditional high school program. In previous years they had a separate building space to work in with the privacy and space needed for their program.

The ALC provides students a place to continue to learn without the large environment of the high school and a more one-on-one experience with the staff. Principal Mary Leadem Ticiu and all of the other staff members have done an excellent job of keeping this family of students together.

Even with a supportive staff, the students still have new obstacles to overcome with the new learning facilities for them. Adjusting to the size difference and amount of noise is no small task. With support from the high school’s student body it would ease many of theses issues.

“The high school barely gave any space for the ALC to function properly and not many students know that the ALC even exists. That makes it difficult during passing times for the regular high school because our classrooms are pretty small and a lot of the ALC students move between classrooms during the day to complete classes,” Josephina Van Dusart, a current student at the ALC, said.

With so many new changes this year, students and staff can be more aware for the ALC program, their spaces, and welcome them into the school community.