Art classes provide avenue to express creativity

Alternative Copy Story by Michael VanLieshout

Sophomore Peter Wilhelmi enjoys art classes high school has to offer and continues to learn new skills. Graphic design class expands his talents and interests in the arts.

 There are many young adults drawn to the arts. High school art classes have much to offer to striving students. Many students are inspired to learn the basics and improve their current art skills at a young age.

 “When I was really young, my mom signed me up for art lessons in the back of a Korean art studio,” senior Marianna Arndt said. “They did step by step lessons.”

 Very few students have taken art classes prior to their current ones in high school. While Ardnt began art at a young age, she continues to attend art lessons outside of school and improves her skills as time passes.

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“I really like art classes because it’s something you can do that’s creative in schools,” Wilhelmi said. “I also like learning new skills.”

Art classes embrace creativity and new ways of problem solving for students. Many students that have taken previous art classes, will learn and improve their skills to create well made pieces of art.

“Every artist has to start somewhere, so no matter how bad your drawings are, you can make a career out of it,” Ardnt said.

 Any student that enjoys art will improve over time with plenty of practice. Art is an easy way to see improvement as opposed to other classes. Drawing subjects that people can see will create different and unique perspectives in a piece.

 “You just get to draw and to listen to music. There’s no wrong way to do something,” freshman Maria Delwich said.

 Delwich enjoys taking art because this can improve her creativity and there are less mistakes to make. A majority of art classes make students feel comfortable in expressing their passions and sharing them in class.

 “It’s fun to have a different class from other classes and it’s fun to draw things your interested in,” sophomore Joseph Young said. “Some of the cons are that you don’t always get to draw things you want to.”

 Young enjoys drawing class because it’s different from his regular classes. There are many art classes where students are assigned certain subjects to create pieces from them which can be a downfall for some students.

You just get to draw and to listen to music. There’s no wrong way to do something.”

— Maria Delwich

“My number one problem is that a lot of people don’t take art classes because they’re interested in the art, but they’re interested in taking an easy class,” Wilhelmi said.

 There are many students that take art classes for the level of easiness. However, this can agitate certain students that are passionate and continue to strive to become outstanding artists. Wilhelmi explains that he had issues with this when he previously took video production classes.

 “The main thing I learned is that art is really hard but it can be really stress relieving,” Arndt said. “It teaches you to try harder on everything.”

 A majority of students find art to be stress relieving and many stressed students benefit from this time. Considering that a majority of high school students are under much stress and pressure from their normal classes, art will take that pressure away.

 “It’s like the two sides to a coin,” Ardnt said. “sometimes you just have to accept it won’t turn out the way you want the first time and have to try again.”