Students take part in a professional film

Posted by They Got Us Again on Monday, October 2, 2017

Being part of a movie is something most people can only imagine. For seniors Flora-Sherr Nelson, Emma Atkins, Lee Menzel and Ivy Lariviere, it is a reality.

These students got to help work on set of the film “They Got Us Again”, which premieres on Oct. 28th at The Zephyr Theater in Stillwater. They started filming in mid-August of this year with Storyboard Productions. For most of them, it was their first time working on set of a professional film.

“I thought even though it was technically work, it was [being on set] a lot of fun,” Nelson said.

For the students, working on the film with Storyboard Productions was exciting. It was something new for them that they have always wanted to do, and it was now happening. The students worked as personal assistants to the crew that helped with getting actors ready for their scenes, making sure people were quiet on set, and other things such as helping with equipment when needed.

“I’ve always loved movies from a young age, and I didn’t really decide I want to be active in it since probably 14,” Atkins said.

Atkins was excited to be a part of making this film. It was her first experience with a movie project outside of school, and it taught her a lot about the subject. Atkins already knew she wanted to be involved in the film industry, but this was her first hands on experience. It taught her what life on a movie set is like, and what to expect when being on the set of a film.

I’ve always loved movies from a young age, and I didn’t really decide I want to be active in it since probably 14”

— Emma Atkins

The movie is about a father of four mischievous sons who one day gets his mailbox knocked over, and he just can’t seem to let it go. It is about what he does because of this incident, and how everything beyond it plays out.

“He’s [the father] obsessing over it and trying to figure out who’s the one who is knocking it down,” Atkins said about the film.

Although not a Hollywood production, this movie was one to be a part of. It was a movie that students got to be part of, and it gave them the opportunity to explore their passion.

“I think it’s really fun, because it’s what I want to do,” Nelson said about taking part in this professional movie as a student.