Corcoran team leader during last season

Audra RIsberg, Online Editor


Senior Garrett Corcoran, number 22 on the boys varsity basketball team, has been described as a team leader.  His unique personality and big smile make him someone that people want to talk to.  Anyone who has played with him on the basketball team can attest to this. Many players look up to Garrett whether it is on the court or in the classroom.

Being called a team leader can set some high expectations, but Corcoran handles it well. Setting a good example for the younger players is important to Corcoran since they will be the future team leaders of the basketball team.

He’s got a solid three ball and off the court he makes everyone laugh.”

— Fisher Jakupciak

“We have a lot of young players on our team this year, a lot of freshmen and sophomores, and being a leader this year I get an opportunity to coach them and help them develop as players,” Corcoran said.

Corcoran’s teammates look up to him for numerous reasons.  Senior Fisher Jakupciak said, “He’s got a solid three ball and off the court he makes everyone laugh.”

Coaches are usually one of the deciding factors on whether an athlete continues playing their sport. Corcoran’s coach, Brady Hannigan has been a positive influence in Corcoran’s basketball career.

“He’s helped me grow as a player and as a person off the court,” Corcoran said about Hannigan.

Although Corcoran is not currently committed to a college, he knows that he will not be continuing his basketball career. His last season will be ending in March, and the last game is sure to be emotional with the large number of seniors realizing they might not ever play basketball in a Ponies jersey again.

“I have other plans for my future that don’t involve basketball,” Corcoran said. His college experience will be based more around academics rather than sports.

Although sports may seem like the most important thing in the world to most student athletes, Corcoran still makes to leave time for other things, and lives a balanced life. “Make sure you keep your priorities straight and always make sure you get plenty of sleep,” Corcoran said.