Downtown Minneapolis historic Macy’s closes

Minneapolis is known for shopping, restaurants and a life paced much faster than any other part of Minnesota. The large downtown Macy’s, built in 1903, is recognized as not only a grand shopping store, but also a historic site as many Minnesotans and others have visited this place.

Because of the store closing, my family will no longer have the opportunity to continue our tradition of eating at one of our favorite restaurants.”

— Nicole Ingram

Not only is this Macy’s a well known historical place, but on top of that it is a shopping store with a much greater size than many other Macy’s across Minnesota. Sadly, for many shoppers this store is closing due to a recent lack of shoppers because many have begun shopping other places or doing all their shopping online.  For this reason, many shoppers are upset because of the traditions, memories, and because of the ease of finding almost anything needed.

“The downtown Macy’s is very big and has a lot of stock. If you need something this Macy’s is more likely to carry the item compared to smaller ones,”  sophomore Hannah Affolter said.

This store added to the overall feel of Minneapolis and the absence will surely be noticed. From the jobs it provided to the small businesses surrounding it, many places will be affected.

“The store downtown created so many different jobs in all different departments. There was a whole bunch of food businesses above that not many people knew about and those will be greatly effected,” junior Daisy Stengl said.

In the interest of simply downsizing the store rather than fully closing it, shoppers feel this would be negative. Macy’s is known for its size and is one of the buildings that catches the eye as one spends time in the city.

“I think it is crucial that the store was as big as it was. Each level except a couple had a different purpose.  The lower levels were the department store but above were offices that held dozens of employees that made Macy’s so great,” Stengl said. “The size is significant because it makes it stand out from other stores and companies,” Affolter added.

The area inside the building as well as surrounding blocks had many places to eat that will be missed when they will close with Macy’s. These restaurants were not only delicious to eat but also have memories associated with them as many families had traditions of attending them.

“My family went to the Macy’s frequently to eat at a restaurant inside the store. Because of the store closing, my family will no longer have the opportunity to continue our tradition of eating at one of our favorite restaurants,” junior Nicole Ingram said.

Many shoppers are upset to see a piece of history leave the city, but also to see such a versatile store removed from the shopping block.  The significance of it being a store that is so widely known, as Macy’s is, many are all the more upset about the upcoming close.

“If the store wasn’t as well known, the reaction may have been less significant. Due to the location as well as the large fan base the loss will be more significant,” Ingram said. “It was very convenient for the local people but the fact that it is going to be turned into office spaces is going to be hard for people to understand,” Stengl added.

This was an unexpected event for many store goers as the sales have gone up in recent years.  However, Macy’s, especially one of this size can simply not compete with other clothing stores that millennials are choosing to shop at instead.

“People are spending more on home improvement and experiences, like travel or spas. When it comes to clothing, more shoppers are turning to T.J. Maxx or ­fast-fashion chains like H&M. They’re also turning to the internet. By some forecasts, Inc. is expected to surpass Macy’s as the largest online seller of clothing next year,” The Star Tribune said.

 The memories, although they will be remembered will certainly be missed. Family traditions and bonds that will now be altered due to the closing of this historic store.

“My mom worked there for 7+ years and made so many life long friends. My mom will miss the cramped cubical that everyone worked in up above the store, the candy kitchen that made the best fudge in the world! The cafe at the very top that had the best chicken fingers, and being able to see my cousin Krissy working downstairs everyday,” Stengl explained.