Teams play on new turf in Pony Stadium


Brand New Turf on pony stadium

Bella Anderson, Social Media Editor

The new turf has been a great change for the athletes. It was installed this past summer giving the athletes the opportunity to use it for current football and soccer seasons. The field has allowed for many different teams to use it, because of how durable and resilient it is. Unlike the grass field, it is able to withstand the constant usage from all of the different athletes.

Synthetic turf was originally created for the Houston Astrodome so they did not have to deal with growing grass indoors. Through many years and many different prototypes it has evolved into what it is today. It is now used in most stadiums and sports arenas including Pony Stadium.

The turf has had many great benefits to the school and athletes using it. One benefit is having less work to do to maintain the field.  This has allowed for more focus and time for the sports. The turf also allows the field to be used for all sports any day because it cannot be torn up unlike the grass.

Senior Austin Dowdall said, “The greatest benefit of the new turf would have to be the maintenance, because with the grass you have to mow every other day to make sure it’s perfect and the logo is good for every game and now with the turf we don’t have to do that.”

Another great benefit to the new turf field is that many athletes believe that it is better than the grass field. One reason why the turf is so great to run on is that the synthetic grass is woven into the backing creating a more secure footing for the athlete.

With the turf you can run better and can’t slip and it’s a lot smoother.”

— Jorge Malon

Junior Hannah Beech who said, “I like the turf because it’s like what we were all used to by now because everyone has it and it’s a faster speed to play so like its better.” This is only one of the many athletes that prefer the turf field over the grass field. Junior Jorge Malon said, “With the turf you can run better and can’t slip and it’s a lot smoother.”

The acquired turf field enhanced the ability of the athletes to play, because most other schools in the metro have turf fields. It allows for the athletes to be conditioned to play their best on turf fields, instead of showing up to the game and not being used to running on it.

The turf also benefits athletes as they are able to race faster across the field, because the turf is stronger. Beech added, “I think that the turf is like really short grass so it feels like you can run faster and the ball moves faster.” Some may feel that the grass length is not an issue, but having it shorter allows for people and objects to move across it faster.

The brand new turf has been a great addition, and it will be used all throughout the school year and many more years to come. It has allowed for less time used on maintenance, which gives athletes more time to practice and play their sports. Many people believe that it is greater than the normal grass field for countless reasons. Most schools use turf for their fields so by having it here it has allowed athletes to be more use to it when game day comes around. In some ways turf also enhances athletes ability to perform to their best ability. There are many other reasons as to why turf is said to be greater than grass, but these are only a few of them.

“You win some, you lose some, and some get rained out, but you gotta suit up for them all,” said Satchel Paige.