Winter Coffeehouse: music, talent and soul

Brian Jaap, Layout Editor

The biannual concert is one of the many fundraisers that NHS hosts. It is completely student-lead and all of the acts are chosen based off of auditions. As usual, all money raised will go to a charitable cause. This year, NHS is donating all funds to Bantfwana Phambili, an organization that provides funds to qualifying students in Mpumalanga Province in South Africa to help them further their education.

At this point in time, schooling is only required until age 15 there, which is not sufficient to obtain proper employment. With the unemployment rate at 82 percent, most children are the head of their households at the age of 15, which means that they would not have the funds or time to continue education.

Everyone is always extremely talented, the atmosphere is undeniable.

— Kallie Quist

Coffeehouse is widely known by many students. It is a tradition that many people love, especially around this time of year. People can not help but want to come to the black box to admire the tranquil voices of their fellow students.

“I think one of the reasons people love Coffeehouse so much is because they get to see their friends and peers perform in a fun atmosphere.” junior Maia Carter said. “It’s extremely relaxing and tranquil. I think one of the reasons that I love it and am excited to perform is because it is very cozy and winter-y. I love it,” Carter continued. She will be performing 3 times in the concert, once singing with Beatrice Lawrence, and playing the piano once as accompaniment to Governess Simpson and once on her own.

While some people prefer more of an upbeat, energetic setting, like Battle of the Bands, others prefer the slow-tempo, tranquil and acoustic environment of Coffeehouse much more.

“Battle of the Bands and Coffeehouse couldn’t be more different,” senior, and MC of the night, Matt Brown explained. “For starters Coffee House is not a competition while Battle of the Bands is. There aren’t mosh pits at Coffee House so there isn’t a fear of being trampled over at all.” Brown said.

He continued on to talk about the environment of Coffee House. “It’s really laid back and supportive. People mess up all the time at Coffee House and there is no lack of support from the audience,” Brown explained, “it’s really nice and refreshing.”

Senior and fellow MC Kallie Quist, weighed in on the event. “There are string lights and snowflakes everywhere. I think that people really like how calm and relaxing it is. There aren’t many other events that offer such talented kids to perform is a peaceful and non-judgmental environment,” she continued, “Everyone is always extremely talented, the atmosphere is undeniable.”