Homecoming events paint the town


Photo by Natalie Gjermo

Elementary school students demonstrate their Pony pride by participating Paint the Town red activities.

Once October hits, the school starts to go wild. Students are dressing crazy and the whole school is getting ready for homecoming. Nothing could put a damper on the way this school celebrates. From special activities to simply cheering at the game, these kids know what spirit is.

On Oct. 4, the Ponies played Roseville Raiders, but this was not the only highlight of the entire week leading up to it. Students were painting the town red and spreading spirit beyond the school and involving the community. Other students were playing football in the powder-puff, and dressing up differently every day.

High school homecoming is something students look forward to for a long time, so when that time finally hits they have high expectations.

“I thought homecoming would be a blast! I heard the seniors had a good idea to do at half time and the ponies played hard,” said sophomore Maddie Olson.

Most everyone at the high school was involved, in some way, shape or form. There is always a place for students to show their school spirit, whether it was through becoming queen or playing in the powderpuff.

“I accepted the offer to be on the court because I thought it would be a fun experience. I was very shocked when I was named homecoming queen. I never thought that I would win something like this in high school,” said senior Sadie Thole.

The powderpuff was a huge success here, with the seniors playing the juniors. Everyone had a good time, even just the people watching.

“The game went better than expected. It was so fun, and it really got the students involved. Spending the time practicing and playing with girls in your grade was a great bonding experience too,” said junior Caroline Meier.

Having this game during spirit week allowed for the students to cheer on not just the boys football team, but give the girls a chance to shine.

“Even though the seniors lost it was still a wonderful experience. We now know how the football team feels when you are playing under the lights in front of your classmates in the stadium. It will be a night I will never forget about my senior year,” Thole added.

It was more than just the school getting involved though, it was the whole town. Everyone wanted to take part in representing our team for homecoming.

“This year the main thing that was really different was the involvement of the town. We did a lot to try and get the town involved, including painting the windows of local businesses throughout Stillwater, a pre-party before the game for families, and a pancake breakfast the morning after homecoming,” said Meier.

Overall it was a good spirit week, with lots of love for the boys and the school. The Ponies were proudly represented, as always.