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Hall Family Chiropractic reconstructs

Engstrum Hall Family Chiropractic decided that with all the construction on Highway 36, it was the perfect time to remodel. “It’ll be a brand new facility...We plan on having a state-of-the-art healing center,” said Dan Hall.

Katie Wilmes

May 22, 2014

It seems that nearly everyone has been impacted by the seemingly endless construction taking place on Highway 36, and mostly negatively. In spite of this, there is one local business that is using the timing of the construction to coincide with their own remodeling. Hall Family Chiropractic, located in Oak Park Heights, had be...

The Great Bull Run runs into the Twin Cities

Cory Spawn

May 20, 2014

Article written by: Corey Spawn Pamplona, Spain is not the only city with a running of the bulls anymore.  The Great Bull Run started coming to Minnesota last year and brings the fun and entertainment closer to home, near the Twin Cities, in Elk River, Minn. on June 21. The Great Bull Run is ve...

District transportation opens its doors

More students will be able to use the district bus service with changes coming to district transportation in the 2014-2015 school year. According to Director of Operations Dennis Bloom, in a district statement, “The new rule takes effect in September 2014 and will provide busing services to about 630 more students than are currently served.”

Erin Dickie, Staff Reporter

May 14, 2014

There are changes coming to district transportation for the 2014-2015 school year, ensuring that more students are able to use the district bus service. Prior to 2014, students could take the bus if they lived outside a one mile radius at the elementary schools, and a two mile radius at the junior hi...

Student Council leaders selected

One of next year’s student council presidents, Alaina Friedrich posses by school lockers. Campaigning can be difficult but Friedrich said, “It’s fun, because you get to make your campaign whatever you want it to be.”

Ryan Burger

May 13, 2014

Students exercised their right to vote in their history class on April 28. Though they may not quite be ready for the big time vote for the actual president of the United States, they chose four of the eight or 10 students (depending on the age) in their class who would represent them on student council...

Lunn accepted position in Iowa school district

Stillwater Area School District says goodbye to superintendent Corey Lunn as he accepts a position in Iowa.

Paul Hudachek

May 6, 2014

Superintendent Corey Lunn will be waving goodbye to Stillwater District 834 this July. After beating out 90 other applicants in a nationwide search, Lunn has received an offer to become the Superintendent of Johnston School District, near Des Moines, Iowa. As of April 17, he has decided to accept the offer, and leave the S...

Oakland installing new tennis courts

Oakland Junior High School makes renovations to their tennis courts for $404 thousand.”The tennis court reconstruction is funded by lease dollars, which is only allowed to use on reconstruction of facilities not the general fund. We can’t use that money on the new courts, which is why we looked for alternative funding from the city,” Director of Operations Dennis Bloom explained.

Alex Eitzman

May 5, 2014

This summer, Stillwater School District is planning major renovations for Oakland Jr. High's tennis courts. The district is planning a $340 thousand project to repair the three existing courts, and build an additional three new ones behind those already built for $64 thousand. The district is also...

Relay for life in its 20th year

Alex Eder (’15) pitches his new idea for the club to Principal Don Johnson and Pete Hamilton. “I love the fact that it’s for a good cause and you get to become a part of a community filled with so many interesting people.” said junior Annie McHugh.

Sara Klein

April 3, 2014

“Every year is special; this year we’re just going to try to squeeze more into the time we have,” said Raboin.  “We are also hoping to have the founder of the Relay For Life, Dr. Gordy Klatt, visit the event or record a video to be played on the track.” The Relay For Life of Stillwater wil...

Cross fitness spreads across the globe

Cross fitness spreads across the globe

Drew Maiers

April 2, 2014

Crossfit: a new way to stay healthy, fit, and have fun whilst doing it is sweeping the nation, and muscle muscle more are joining in. Liftbridge Crossfit, is a recently opened strength and conditioning facility in Stillwater, which offers group classes and private training daily including Crossfit. Crossf...

Tubman poster contest comes to the health classes

The poster campaign is to help people out of abusive relationships. “I would participate in creating posters because it is a good and easy source of money and it’s for a good learning cause and experience,” said junior Brianna Carlson.

Katie Beedle

April 1, 2014

The Tubman’s Womens shelter has been helping rescue primarily women, but also men,  from abusive relationships since it was founded in 1974. Once a week a representative from Tubman comes to Stillwater Area High School to inform students about abusive relationships and resources like Tubman where th...

Jeans and Jewels fundraiser for District 834

Several Stillwater Area High School attended the Jeans and Jewels fundraiser to support District 834. “It’s fun for providers and teachers, and that makes it a good fundraising idea,” said junior Megan Ellison.

Alex Eitzman

March 31, 2014

The Partnership Plan, founded in 1989, has been supporting District 834 Stillwater Public Schools through projects and programs to enhance education for their students. As an non-profit organization, The Partnership Plan donates grants to teachers to improve lessons and teachings that are not possible...

Afton Alps’ Spring Fling brings the party to the hill

Zak Mantel

March 15, 2014

Every year the winter season comes to an end, the snow melts, and ski resorts must close for the summer. However, Afton Alps enjoys giving one final hurrah before closing in their annual Spring Fling event. Held on Mar. 15, Spring Fling includes a barbecue, music, public race courses, obstacle cour...

Ryan Laager presents ideas for new technology in schools

As new technology comes out much more often than back in the day. Administrators have started to decide that technology needs to update to keep intact with the courses. “There was a need that came to our attention that many of our elementary schools had a real deficiency in the area of technology,” said Ryan Laager.

March 6, 2014

When Oakland Junior High introduced the one-to-one idea, which gave a laptop to every student for the course of three years, it was the inspiration for many schools to begin providing internet devices for their students to use long-term outside of the school building.  Since then, Stillwater Area Schoo...

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