Lunn accepted position in Iowa school district


Press photo Stillwater Area Schools

Stillwater Area School District says goodbye to superintendent Corey Lunn as he accepts a position in Iowa.

Paul Hudachek

Superintendent Corey Lunn will be waving goodbye to Stillwater District 834 this July.

After beating out 90 other applicants in a nationwide search, Lunn has received an offer to become the Superintendent of Johnston School District, near Des Moines, Iowa. As of April 17, he has decided to accept the offer, and leave the Stillwater Area Public School District.

Lunn really did love the position he held at Stillwater.

“After many years working and living in Minnesota, I will miss the personal connections I have with other superintendents, colleagues and community members. I will also missing being close to my parents and the many weekends fishing and relaxing at the family cabin,” said Lunn.

Lunn’s contract with Stillwater started at $160,000, increasing $4,000 yearly. The advertised salary for his new Johnston job was $225,000. He will be moving from the Stillwater district of 8,500 students to 6,700 at the Johnston district.

Lunn did ensure though, it is not the money that interests him.

“I want people to know that this wasn’t a money thing that is driving me. This was a fit for me and my family, and I think it’s an opportunity for Stillwater School District to think what they need for the near future and find the leader they need.”

He said the job caught his eye because his wife’s family lives near the Johnston district by Mason City, Iowa. What seems to pique his interest is the school’s potential. Not only does the Johnston District have plans to spend $120 million in the next four years on building projects, but they are using $80 million alone for a brand new high school.

“I really asked myself what I needed as a superintendent, and what Stillwater schools needed as a superintendent. Even with passage of the successful levy, there are still a lot of challenges and tough, tough choices that need to be made here,” said Lunn.

“I really asked myself what I needed as a superintendent, and what Stillwater schools needed as a superintendent. ”

— Cory Lunn

Principal Don Johnson, though, knows that Lunn has made a huge difference through the tough financial times in the Stillwater school district.

“Lunn worked tirelessly to provide leadership and direction for our school district as it faced several financial issues during his tenure, especially as it related to the passing of last November’s levy referendum.  And while we are currently facing additional budget cuts district-wide for this coming fall, those cuts would have been far deeper had it not been for the referendum.  We wish Dr. Lunn the best as he tackles new problems as the new Superintendent of Schools, within the Johnston, Iowa school district,” said Johnson.

Ryan Laager, the district’s Executive Director of Curriculum and Secondary Education, had kind parting words for his close co-worker.

“Life is about opportunities, Dr. Lunn has a great opportunity to expand his career in one of the top school districts in Iowa,” said Laager. “This is great opportunity for him and his family and I wish him the best and look forward to building the future here.”

After completing his final year at Stillwater, Lunn will head off to the Johnston district this coming July to prepare for his new year in Iowa.