Clay target team continues successful season


Photo by Ava Biederman

Senior Carter Sampson practices for the upcoming competition. This round he got a perfect 25, which means he received another patch. He has been a great asset to the team.

Ava Biederman, Photography Editor

The clay target team teaches athletes shooting tips, improving shooting accuracy, focus, determination and perseverance. They do this not only for shooting, but in the real world too.

The clay target team will teach athletes and will create memories that will last a lifetime. They continue to grow as a team and as individuals as the season continues.

The season recently started and the clay target team is already off to a good start. The team works hard at practice once or twice a week, shooting two rounds per practice. In just 20 minutes, two of the athletes got a perfect 25.

Clay target head coach Valerie Stickan reveals that the team is currently first in their division. This is a great kick-off to the midseason for the team.

Clay target creates so many memories not only for the individual athletes, but for the team as well. Many students will remember these memories for the rest of their life.

“My best memory is getting a straight 25 at nationals,” junior Melanie Johnson said. A 25 is a perfect score and nationals is the highest meet they can go to. That is a very big accomplishment.

“My favorite memory is getting a perfect 25 for the first time,” junior Paul Hartmann said. This can be a rewarding feeling because it is a big accomplishment. Athletes get a patch for their vest and many congratulations from teammates.

Clay target lets athletes create many skills that can help them throughout their whole life. It teaches them not only about shooting, but life lessons as well.

“It really helps kids grow their confidence, social skills, and shooting ability while practicing a difficult and fun sport,” Stickan said. These lessons can help them navigate life even after they graduate.

“It really helps kids grow their confidence, social skills, and shooting ability while practicing a difficult and fun sport.” 

— Valerie Stickan

Senior Carter Sampson has been a key player throughout his time on the team. He has achieved many perfect scores over the years and has many great accomplishments.

“Carter Sampson actually won the entire state tournament last year,” Stickan said. This is a big deal because he was up against some of the best people in the state.

Athletes have learned many tips and tricks to help improve their shooting game. There are little things they change from hunting or other kinds of shooting that can help them get better at clay target shooting.

Hartmann talks about the jitters, and he thinks they “will mess you up.” Being jittery makes everything more difficult and stressful.

“Make sure to keep both eyes open,” Hartmann said. While this is different than normal shooting, many athletes find this tip helpful.

Clay target goes to many places for competitions. They have been to places in Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan All these places allow athletes to compete and see how they do amongst other schools. The team did really well at these meets last season and they are excited to go back again this year.

“I enjoyed going to Wisconsin and shooting with the rest of the team,” Hartmann said. “We also did pretty well in Alexandria.”

Clay target is a sport that can help athletes learn life skills and learn key life lessons along the way. They plan on continuing to grow and work hard as the season continues. The atmosphere of the team gives many athletes the push they need to keep getting better, while still having a fun and positive experience.