‘Murder Mystery’ should not have been made a sequel


Fair use Image from Netflix Media Center

“Murder Mystery 2” came out March 31 on Netflix. This movie created a lot of buzz about how this movie was not enjoyable compared to the first movie, “Murder Mystery 1”.

Sara J. Norton, Broadcast Editor In Chief

“Murder Mystery” movies starring Jennifer Anniston and Adam Sandler have many people talking. On March 31, the sequel movie came out: “Murder Mystery 2. The film is about Nick (Sandler) and Audrey Spitz (Anniston) starting a detective agency together. Their business is not going well, causing hardship within their marriage. They are invited to their friend’s wedding at no expense and take up the offer as their marriage could use a break. Unfortunately, a murder occurs and it is up to the Spitz to solve the mystery.

Many people say this movie is less watchable than the first,  while others say it was funny and lighthearted.
The plot of the movie could be more substantial. Anniston and Sandler are now action stars which takes away from the typical “Adam Sandler” movie vibe. Comparatively to the first movie, the supporting characters gave nothing to the plot. Viewers only get to know them after the film picks up. The supporting characters are just there, so the Spitz’s have people to suspect of the murder.

Extremely dry in their jokes. It was stretched too far.

— Grace Koetz

“In the first movie, there was a lead-up to all these supporting characters. They really added to the plot. In the second movie, you get that same kind of feeling, but there’s not really his strong character-building. They don’t add anything to the plotline,” senior Chloe Knuteson said.

The humor in this movie is overdone. It was foolish and cheesy humor. The jokes were predictable and not laughable. In the first movie, humor was one of its most vital aspects. Furthermore, it was not enjoyable, to say the least, when Sandler is known for being a better comedy star. Long-time fans of Sandler movies were very disappointed in his performance. It did not live up to what he could do. Many agree he could have done better.

Sophomore Grace Koetz said that the humor in the second movie was “extremely dry in their jokes.” It was stretched too far, and they were going “on and on.” She added, “It got to the point where I’m like, okay, this needs to end. This isn’t funny anymore.”

Sequels are proven never to do as well. That is easily shown in this movie. This was too similar to the first movie, and not in a good way. The plot line could have been less predictable and more enjoyable for viewers to solve the mystery. New components added, like the action scenes, did not help the movie. This movie should not have been made into a sequel.

Charli Rogness, a freshman at Bethel University, loved the first movie. It is one of her top 10 favorite movies. However, she said she did not think the film should have been made into a sequel because it was presented similarly to the first. It was the same thing as the first movie, so it did not make much sense to her why it was made into a sequel.

“Murder Mystery 2” is suitable for a one-time watch. However, it is not as good and poorly plotted as “Murder Mystery 1. This movie is ideal for people who like cheesy humor and like watching an easy, lighthearted film after a long day.