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Anderson wins Athena award for excellence in athletics

Hannah Anderson mid game receiving the pass from a teammate and going up field. Teammate Junior Emma Anderson says, “Hannah brings high intensity and good energy to practice which is super important when trying to prepare for an upcoming game.”

Andrew Wilcek, Social Media Editor

May 1, 2017

The Athena award is an award given to a female student that accels in athletics at their school. 43 schools participate in the event in Minnesota. This year senior Hannah Anderson has won the award for Stillwater. Anderson is a three sports athlete, she plays soccer in the fall, hockey in the winte...

Olivia Knox commits to UND

Olivia Knox destroys the ankles of a player on East Ridge.

Kevin Thole, News Anchor

April 28, 2017

Throughout her high school career, junior Olivia Knox has been a dominating force on the soccer field. With the way she controls the ball and beats defenders, it comes as no surprise that universities have begun to take notice. Knox, a forward on the girl's soccer team, has officially committed...

Kallie Clements selected for girls all-state soccer team

Photo Courtesy Wendy Clements-
This photo was taken on September 25, 2016 at the Stillwater High School soccer field. The people in this photo are Hannah Anderson, Lauryn Gosso, Megan Howard, Olivia Knox, Lexi Feyen, Nicole Ingram, Molly Connors, Kallie Clements, Evelyn Flor, Hannah Beech, Abby Begin, Alyssa Lammers, Macala Vilme, Ava Pagnucco, Julia Bernard, Emma Anderson, Dara Andringa, Halle Peterson and Evie Kohn. This soccer team is a family and are always supporting each other on and off the field. They work as a team and make each other better.

Sam Johnson, Photographer

December 3, 2016

Senior captain Kallie Clements proved to be a great role model for the girls of the Ponies soccer team this season, helping them complete a very successful and nearly undefeated season. Because of her leadership skills, success on the field and hard work during both practice and game, Clements was...

Villen helps lead soccer team to state

Courtesy of Mark Hvidsten, MN Soccer Hub/SportsEngine-
This photo was taken on September 27, in Park Cottage Grove. In this photo Miki is running towards the ball to make a pass to one of his teammates. Miki is a very focused player and is always on his toes.

Alex Ehde, Social Media Reporter

November 29, 2016

Senior foreign exchange student Miki Villen leads the boys varsity soccer team to a State Championship win. Coming over from Spain was a big change for Miki, but he is having a blast and gets to go back home with a Minnesota state championship under his belt. Villen has been playing soccer his...

Patrick Allan leads varsity soccer team towards state title

Press Photo-
Allan was able to establish a close bond with his fellow captains through years of play. He has been on the same soccer team as them for years, he has been able to establish a strong chemistry with them which then translates to a closer bond with his team as a whole.

Jared Dean, Broadcast Editor-in-Chief

November 12, 2016

Nothing speaks to the dedication a captain has to his team quite like the complete sense of leadership and awareness that senior soccer captain Patrick Allan possesses.  If a sports captain has to have complete confidence in his teammates, than Allan fits the bill. Allan was able to successfully l...

Hannah Anderson excels as three-sport varsity athlete

Photo Courtesy Wendy Clements 
This photo was taken on September 19, 2016 at the Stillwater High School soccer field. In this photo Hannah Anderson is intently watching a play that is happening and is ready to jump in at any given moment. Her intensity and focus on the field is what makes her a great soccer player.

Alex Ehde, Social Media Reporter

November 5, 2016

Senior Hannah Anderson is talented. She is a three-sport varsity athlete playing soccer, hockey and track. Managing three sports and academics should be hard, but Hannah makes it look easy. She takes her own hard work and dedication and not only puts it into her sports, but also her teammates an...

Kohei Adams leads boys soccer team to State

Photo By Olivia Knox - Senior Kohei Adams said,

Olivia Knox, Distribution Reporter

October 10, 2016

Senior Kohei Adams is the lead goal scorer on the boys varsity soccer team. As of September 26, he has scored 11 goals and produced seven assists helping his team achieve all victories and zero losses. Adams moved to Stillwater from Woodbury this year. He scored two goals as a sophomore and four as a junior ...

German exchange student reflects on past year

Sommermeyer post soccer game win bringing in the ladies left and right. Sommermeyer says,  “In Germany we don't have school sports. Every sport is in a club. School is very boring compared to America because it's really only studying and no sports or clubs. I think that's one of the biggest differences.”

Matt Johnson, Social Media Editor

May 9, 2016

  By the time most students are in their fourth year of high school, they aren’t finding much new in their experience, unless it is their first year in America.  For senior Can Sommermeyer this is all new, and a long way from home, even though he has lived here for nearly the whole year. A Germa...

Jake Maroney pursues dreams in Spain

Tiffany Horwath, Layout Editor

November 20, 2014

Junior Jake Maroney leaves for Spain on Nov. 11, where he will go on a soccer tour with the club Bola Top for 11 days. He has always wanted to play professional soccer and now he is one step closer to reaching his goal. Maroney has always had a passion for soccer.  He started playing when he...

Girls soccer team has many injured players

This year varsity girl’s soccer has needed to stand together in order to overcome the injuries sustained by many team members.

Melissa Reis

October 16, 2013

This fall the Stillwater girls varsity soccer team has had quite a few senior players that are injured. In the past years the soccer team has been very good so these girls have had intense games and aggressive competition.  Junior Nataile Weidner is on the varsity team and has been playing soccer sinc...

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