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Peer helpers continue progression

Photo by Julia Bennett
Julia Bennett, Social Media Editor-In-Chief April 22, 2020

Social studies teacher Michael Kaul founded peer helpers last year. Since then, they have not only grown in members but in their work and outreach through the community. With added structure and leadership...

Community team pushes new recommendations for upcoming meeting

Community  members can look online to see when the school board meetings are happening. The community can go to these meetings to hear recommendations of the CDT and voice their opinions and recommendations.
Rachel Duerr, Online Editor February 15, 2020

Changes in a school district are inevitable. As a community and school, there are many needs that need to be met involving financial and physical updates. A large part of these changes revolves around...

Teens glorify eating disorders

The Wellness Center is available for all students who want to make healthy lifestyle choices and for those who want to improve their overall well-being.
Paige Sanders, Photography Editor-in-Chief December 10, 2019

It is often mistaken that eating disorders result from choice of lifestyle. Eating disorders are classified as an illness rather than a choice. Disordered eating is highly associated with teenagers...

Four day school week proven more beneficial

Freshmen Kendall Bajda, Eva Stafne, and Amelia Venzke hang out before the bell on a Friday morning. Rather than utilizing the Friday as a help day, they are waiting for the first bell to start their  seven hour school day.
Olivia Wavamunno, Podcast Reporter November 22, 2019

Within the past couple of years, Colorado schools―district 27J, as well as many others, have implemented four day school weeks rather than five. While some have found the change to bring some inconveniences,...

John Kelly finally resigns as White House Chief of Staff

Kelly worked as the Secretary of Homeland Security for half a year.  He was appointed Chief of Staff within his last few days of Secretary of Homeland Security.
Michael O'Gorman, Business Editor January 18, 2019

Former Chief of Staff John Kelly was supposed to bring stability to the White House when he replaced Reince Priebus as the White House Chief of Staff. Kelly has resigned and is leaving Mick Mulvaney to...

Mock Trial defamation case underway

Members of the Mock Trial meet to discuss this year's case at Eckberg Lammers' office. The team meets here on Tuesdays at 4 p.m. to work.
Dylan Stormoen, Copy Editor November 29, 2018

The Minnesota State Bar Association brings to life another case for the 2018-2019 Mock Trial teams across the state. While working with the case of Hayden Brooks vs. Cahill Monitor, Stillwater's Mock Trial...

Plan for senior living facility near Liberty passed

Boutwells Landing senior living home is not enough for the town of Stillwater, as the city council passes a 60 million dollar project to build a new and improved senior living care facility.
Kathleen Billingsley, Copy Editor May 12, 2016

Stillwater continues to innovate as they pass the plan for a senior living facility to be built near the township of Liberty in Stillwater, MN. As the baby boomer generation continues to reside...

Jacob Kosyakovsky graduates abnormally young

Jacob Kosyakovsky graduates abnormally young
Annie Seiler, Online Editor May 7, 2016

For most, graduating high school on time and ensuring that all of the necessary credits are taken care of can be a challenge at even 18 years old. From gym to art, the availability for wiggle room...

Seasonal Affective Disorder, more than winter blues

Seasonal affective disorder is largely due to a lack of vitamin D. It's especially common in states with long, cold winters, like Minnesota.
Dylan Foster, Field Reporter February 10, 2016

Winter Blues The winter blues come and go for some, but are much more severe in others. Many people who live in the cold regions of the world can develop a condition in which too little sun can cause...

Obama needs tougher gun laws

Obama needs tougher gun laws
Brian Jaap, Layout Editor November 18, 2015

The spectrum is extremely wide when it comes to the control of firearms. For centuries, people have had differing views on whether a person's firearms should be controlled by the people or if the...

Quest for the dress: two-piece prom dresses make the ranks

Quest for the dress: two-piece prom dresses make the ranks
Madi Schoenecker, Social Media Editor April 11, 2015

Prom is an integral part of the American high school experience.  Girls spend hundreds of dollars on dresses, accessories and getting their hair and nails done.  Prom is on May 2 and some girls still...

Paving the future for upcoming lawyers

Paving the future for upcoming lawyers
Katelyn Weisbrod, Head Copy Editor April 8, 2015

The six-month mock trial season wrapped up on March 6. Stillwater placed second overall at the Minnesota state competition. This is the second year that Stillwater has had a team. Seniors Nick Sabin,...

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