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Podolske finishes 38th season coaching cross country

Members of the Ponies girls cross country team celebrated their conference championship with Coach Podolske. The Ponies would go to capture fifth place at the State meet.

Derek Berg, Video Editor

December 4, 2018

For 38 years, the girls cross country team has been lead by coach Dawn Podolske. In this last season, the Ponies captured the conference title for the first time since 2000 along with a State tournament berth for the second consecutive year. In light of their recent successes, the Ponies look to be back on the rise. Th...

Athletes transitioning from fall to winter sports

Nordic skiers that participate in nordic skiing primarily do cross country and mountain biking for their fall sport.  Cross country and biking helps maintain the endurance and muscle needed for the intense work needed for nordic skiing.  The girls nordic team is doing a light warm up to get ready for practice.  “Including captain practices for me I usually get a weekend between sports,” sophomore Siri Bohacek said.

Cole Lebourgeois, Copy Editor

November 18, 2015

Managing one sport can be a challenge all in itself, yet some athletes take on multiple sports at once. Students do fall sports, and once that sport is done, they move right onto their winter sport. Students can choose to participate in fall sports for fun or to feed their desire to be compet...

Volleyball spikes up success

Consistent server Briana Momchilovich ('16), contributes tremendously to the success of the team with her accurate serves.

Sara Stickler, Online Editor

October 29, 2014

Those Mizuno labeled balls bumping around the high school gym are starting to come to end as the season comes to a close. The  girls volleyball team has done nothing but persist, which created a successful season for them. Throughout the roller coaster ride of adversities, teamwork gave them a turn...

Coaches prioritize concussion prevention

Dennis Toenjes, Video Editor

October 14, 2014

Concussion Rates in high school sports across Minnesota have been growing at an alarming rate and Stillwater Area High School contributes to this trend as well. Concussions are brain injuries caused by head trauma, which can be induced by a collision or whiplash. The brain hits the side of the skull, c...

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