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Amnesty International collects hygiene products

Boxes filled to the brim are collected by Amnesty Club to be sorted.

Ellie Faeth, Layout Editor

March 30, 2017

Amnesty Club finds so much joy in collecting hygienic necessities for people who have trouble accessing or buying items for themselves and their family. Following Valley Outreach and their "Help for the Homeless" hygiene drive, the club took it upon themselves to ask students to donate items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, soap and other care products and brin...

Student step up voice opinion, inspire change

Junior Bakange Ajak smiles while marching at the Women’s March in St. Paul on Jan. 21.

Hailey Buelow, Social Media Reporter

February 17, 2017

With the many changes happening in the social and political world of America, students are doing their part to be as involved as possible. Student activism in the school has taken a huge leap due to the young population of the country being eager to step up and voice their opinions to make a change...

Cat Clements influences comment with political involvement

Cat Clements supporting Alan Kantrud as she goes door knocking in Stillwater on a Sunday afternoon.

Allison Heintz, Layout Editor

November 10, 2016

As the final election debate comes to an end, many individual's political views and thoughts increase greatly. When thinking of a politically involved person, the image of a high school student doesn't pop into the mind, but for many students, Cat Clements is a junior very politically involved stu...

Trump’s poor policy worse than Clinton’s unlikability

Trump's poor policy worse than Clinton's unlikability

Adam Johnson, Buisness Editor

September 25, 2016

With the elections coming up, Trump and Clinton are neck and neck.  With Trump's poor policy and debate skills, it will be Clinton's election to lose. Just after labor day, crucial polls were released by CNN showing Trump with 45 percent, barely edging out over Clinton, who received just 43 percent.  These number...

Students involve themselves in political clubs

Mira LaNasa, Layout Editor

September 25, 2016

The Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton debate is far from dissipating, and the Young Democrats and Youth Republicans clubs are just as far from agreeing on every issue. However, despite political differences, they are much more alike than many would think. When the Young Democrats and Youth Republican ...

Students set on the path for future fame

Clay Knoll currently enjoys playing and making music. He intends to continue doing so, hoping to turn his musicality into a career.

Dylan Cook, Visual Arts Media Editor

March 15, 2016

Confident, skilled, experienced, knowledgeable and unique. These are the traits of a person bound for fame. They can be used to describe students such as junior Corri Gardner, senior Clay Knoll or sophomore Lydia Stannard; all three of which are on the journey to fame. Rising stars are in abund...

BLAST week brings school and community together

Blast week poster near the main office in the rotunda.

Shenyn Gale, Social Media Editor

February 25, 2016

BLAST stands for be loving and sharing together and that is what BLAST week is all about; our school coming together to promote unity between all students, staff and culture. This is done through a bunch of new school wide activities and entertainment. BLAST week is a fun way to bring the scho...

Seniors begin preparing for upcoming election

Seniors begin preparing for upcoming election

Taylor Johnston, Social Media Editor

December 4, 2015

Presidential debates are already under way for Nov. 2016's upcoming presidential elections. With these elections coming up in the next year, people are beginning to wonder who students will be voting for and what issues hit home with them. Politics is the activities associated with the govern...

Obama needs tougher gun laws

Obama needs tougher gun laws

Brian Jaap, Layout Editor

November 18, 2015

The spectrum is extremely wide when it comes to the control of firearms. For centuries, people have had differing views on whether a person's firearms should be controlled by the people or if the government should make sure the people owning guns are safe. This subject is an extremely important topi...

Students stress about grades, not about learning

Darby Whitehill is incredibly outspoken, and loves what he does, in this picture he is teaching his Algebra 3 class in the morning.

Brian Jaap, Layout Editor

October 21, 2015

"There's definitely too much stress on grades in my opinion," junior Corri Gardner said. "Instead of learning to enhance lives, we're rushing to get everything done. On the other hand, knowledge can be gained at your own pace. Grades don't prove knowledge, and school definitely doesn't teach you ev...

Family values shape political views

Family values shape political views

Jared Dean, In-studio Anchor

October 14, 2015

The race for America's next president is in full swing and so are the debates,  opinions, and arguments among peers. Both teachers and students alike have agreed and the results are in; the main source of an individual's political opinions actually originate from one’s family. Whether one is a Democr...

New presidents for Amnesty International

Two members of the Amnesty International Club posted up in the Upper rotunda informing students on the petitions they can sign.

Robby Enright, Distribution Reporter

April 28, 2015

Stillwater’s branch of Amnesty International is responsible for charity fundraisers around the school as well as their main event, celebrating International Human Rights Day. Behind every successful event are the students who dedicate hours of their time to making the world a better place. The presi...

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