Student step up voice opinion, inspire change

    With the many changes happening in the social and political world of America, students are doing their part to be as involved as possible. Student activism in the school has taken a huge leap due to the young population of the country being eager to step up and voice their opinions to make a change.

    Two of the school’s clubs, the Young Democrats and the Youth Republicans, are doing a lot to explore and discuss the changes happening in the country. The two groups even have (monthly) debates to discuss their opposing opinions. Students in the school have participated in many political and social based activities outside of the school as well.

    On Jan 21, all across the world people marched in the Women’s March, for the rights of not only women, but the rights of various other groups of people. Many students at the school participated in the Women’s March in St. Paul to march for change.

    “When I marched, it felt so unbelievably empowering. So many families, men and women around the world were marching for different reasons. We participated in a historic march, that will be talked about for thousands of years,” junior Bakange Ajak said.

    Marching in the Women’s March was not just a one-time thing for Ajak. It actually inspired her to do more and be even more of an activist.

    I think it’s important for young people to get involved in things like this because we are the future. We will run the country and if we unite now, the future will be so much easier to take on.”

    — Bakange Ajak

    “The march definitely inspired me to be more of an activist. Before, I didn’t know how many people had the same or similar outlooks and opinions as me. Now I know that if I use my voice, I will have millions in my corner to speak with me,” Ajak said.

    After the Women’s March, many people, including students, are inspired to continue with their activism.

    “I will continue my activism by partaking in movement in which I am passionate about and not being silent on issues that need to be discussed,” Ajak said.

    Moving forward to spread her activism and make a change is exactly what senior Corri Gardner wishes to do.

    “I plan on moving forward with even more hope and optimism. Seeing millions of people get together to defend our beliefs and values was unbelievable. We’ve made it loud and clear that we won’t be silenced, and we will keep on fighting against injustice,” Gardner said.

    For many young people, it is easy to just look past politics and not worry about it until they can vote. For others, being involved and educated is one of the most important things someone can do.

    “I think it’s important for young people to get involved in things like this because we are the future. We will run the country and if we unite now, the future will be so much easier to take on,” Ajak said.

    For students that wish to be more involved but don’t know where to start, they can simply look into the different opportunities at the school.

    “The Young Democrats and Young Republican clubs at our school is a great place to start!” sophomore Maryn Johnson said. “Those clubs open up a lot of opportunity for involvement in the political world and from there you can stand up for your beliefs on a lot of issues.”

    There is no perfect time to start getting involved, Gardner highly suggests that the best time to speak your opinion, is now.

    “Advice I would give to young people looking to get involved would be to not wait. If you have an urge to speak up against injustice, you owe it to the people of our nation to do so. You don’t want to be looking back in twenty years and wishing you had done something. Do something, and do it now!” Gardner said.

    Students are becoming more and more involved in the political and social changes happening in the country, and making sure that their voice can be heard, even if they can’t vote. Students also encourage other young people to share their voice and get as involved as possible to make sure that the future of America is ready to take on anything.