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Recent Trump investigation raises many questions

Creative Commons imagPresident Donald Trump denies involvement with Russia during his 2016 presidential campaign. He strongly urges Mueller to make the investigation findings public and looks forward to seeing the report.

AnnaMarie Born, Business Editor

March 29, 2019

Ever since the 2016 election, there have been allegations against Trump that he had communications with Russia. There have been several investigations, however, Mueller started up the biggest investigation yet. He had been looking into the efforts of Russia during the campaign. The investigation is...

Shelly Christensen wins Minnesota House of Representatives seat by narrow margin

New House of Representative for District 39B, Shelly Christensen. Christensen was elected in November and is excited to put her campaign platforms into action.

Matt Moore, Podcast Reporter

December 7, 2018

Every vote counts. Voters hear that time and time again during the election seasons. Shelly Christensen, the new House of Representative for District 39B, knows this first hand. She defeated Republican Kathy Lohmer by 137 votes in the general election this past November. “I’m not sure if you are aware ...

Trump’s threat to revoke birthright citizen laws immature, impulsive

Young Democrats meet weekly on Wednesday mornings to discuss current events and political issues. Michael Wilhelmi came to speak to the Young Democrats on the morning of Oct. 10 to influence the Young Democrats to get involved and help out the Tim Walz Campaign.

Rosie Nichols, Layout Editor

November 3, 2018

America is posed as a country of freedom, freedom formulated from the birth of the Constitution. Standing by our nation's morals has never been an issue, but now more than ever, our morals are being put through their paces. The rules and regulations in which our governmental ancestors handcrafted have be...

Student step up voice opinion, inspire change

Junior Bakange Ajak smiles while marching at the Women’s March in St. Paul on Jan. 21.

Hailey Buelow, Social Media Reporter

February 17, 2017

With the many changes happening in the social and political world of America, students are doing their part to be as involved as possible. Student activism in the school has taken a huge leap due to the young population of the country being eager to step up and voice their opinions to make a change...

Students should seek school, part-time job balance

Students in the Young Democrats club believe in informing people not only about democratic candidates, but republican candidates as well. To inform students, they make posters, and hang them around the school.

Grace McDonough, Staff Reporter

February 15, 2017

While spending 12 to 15 hours a week making pizzas for minimum wage does not scream thrilling, junior Spencer Maas works to help him pay for gas and save for college. Although the number of high schoolers working part-time has recently dropped, jobs remain important for many students. Having a job during high school can take away from academic...

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