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EIC Column: marching makes a major difference

EIC Column: marching makes a major difference

Ellie Faeth, Print Editor-in-Chief

March 16, 2018

Dating all the way back to 1941, marching in protests on the streets of Washington D.C. (among many other state capitols) have become highly publicized, popular events, especially in recent years. These types of protests are extremely important in today’s society, as they were since 1941, and actua...

Student step up voice opinion, inspire change

Junior Bakange Ajak smiles while marching at the Women’s March in St. Paul on Jan. 21.

Hailey Buelow, Social Media Reporter

February 17, 2017

With the many changes happening in the social and political world of America, students are doing their part to be as involved as possible. Student activism in the school has taken a huge leap due to the young population of the country being eager to step up and voice their opinions to make a change...

Burning American flags burns bridges

Burning American flags burns bridges

Ben Wicklund, Social Media Reporter

January 8, 2017

"Nobody should be allowed to burn the American flag," tweeted President-elect Donald Trump late November, "if they do, there must be consequences -- perhaps loss of citizenship or year in jail!"  What Trump doesn't seem to realize is that the banning of the burning of the American flag violates the Constitution, freedom of spe...

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