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The student news site of Stillwater Area High School

The Pony Express

The student news site of Stillwater Area High School

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With the average hours of sleep declining and increasing homework expectations, many students find themselves battling stress on a daily basis. Students have to learn to work through the stress while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Students learn to balance stress and free time

Lexi Fitch Green November 26, 2013

Stress and pressure are universal issues that any student may have to overcome. First take school, then add on sports and extracurricular activities, coaches, teachers and not to mention parents, and there...

Mrs. Drommerhausen helps students learn the ins and outs of business through her marketing class. “Marketing is everything, that’s what I tell my students.  I strongly believe that everyone utilizes marketing in some way or another during their lives,” said Drommerhausen.

Drommerhausen knows how to market marketing

Paul Hudachek November 25, 2013

“That’s what marketing is, it’s a little bit of everything. Marketing is everything, that’s what I tell my students. When you apply to college, you are marketing yourself. Same with applying for...

Zilmer breaks the barriers of traditional learning

Katie Markert November 2, 2013

Walking down the crowded hallway on the first day of school to a new classroom with new students, new coworkers and a new teaching style unused by the rest of the school would be an intimidating obstacle...

Junior Jayna Davis perched upon  a well during rehearsals for the upcoming play.

Davis back on stage

Carson Kuball November 2, 2013

With a voice that radiates any room and a personality that brightens anyone's day, it’s no wonder she has played major roles in two school productions. Junior Jayna Davis, is a star in the making, and...

Students and staff help Nisi battle cancer

Jasmine Hearne November 1, 2013

“A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug,” said famous American actress, Patricia Neal. Cancer often causes victims to distance themselves from society as they...

Junior Stone Langworthy swings above the crowd displaying his skills as a trapeze artist.

Langworthy loves life above the masses

Olivia Braun October 31, 2013

Langworthy’s older sister did many acts including contortion and triple trapeze.  Her involvement is what interested Langworthy in the first place. “My sister did the circus years before I did...

Senior Laura Serier posed by one of the many posters in her Disney themed basement.

Serier decides Disney

Lucien Lemanski October 30, 2013

“Our basement is Disney themed,” said senior Laura Serier proudly. "We have Mickey Mouse hands that hold the toilet paper and then one that holds the towels. Also we have a Mickey’s nightmare puzzle...

Playing announcers for the day, senior Paige Hetipas and junior Alaina Friedrich emceeing at this years pepfest.

Hietpas uses skills to full potential

Olivia Flicker October 19, 2013

Paige Hietpas (’14) played soccer at Stillwater Area High School. She was on the junior varsity soccer team as a sophomore and moved up to varsity towards the end of the season. She tore both of her...

Schirvar A.R.I.S.E.s to the challenge

Alec Youngblood October 19, 2013

Global Warming is an issue that proves to be difficult to solve. Some believe it to be a myth, but statistics and the Earth’s evolving condition prove otherwise. There is not much one man can do on his...

Playing the harp is one of the many instruments junior Brooke Knoll  has learned to play throughout her years as a musician.

Knoll hits all the right notes

Lucy Langmack October 18, 2013

When Brooke Knoll was only 5 years old, she took an interest in music. Her family, being heavily involved with music, gave her the “musical gene". Her mom plays the flute, her dad plays the guitar, and...

Zahid’s big move to US

Kate Price October 17, 2013

Growing up in a third world country and moving to America at age 17 could easily be the biggest struggle of one’s life, but senior Maryam Zahid does not seem to be phased. She came to join her brother...

The gay straight alliance is a group where everyone is welcome and comfortable to talk about their orientation and get support.

Proud to have pride

September 23, 2013

“I always knew I was different than everyone else,” said Stillwater Area High School graduate Ben Frederick (’13). Ben is different because Ben is gay. Gay and proud. The LGBT community in Stillwater...

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