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Brennan revamps busted houses

Madison Engstrum May 19, 2014

When the housing market crashed in 2007 almost everyone felt the effects, but  senior James Brennan and family decided to use it to their benefit.   James has been flipping houses with his family for...

Student Council leaders selected

One of next year’s student council presidents, Alaina Friedrich posses by school lockers. Campaigning can be difficult but Friedrich said, “It’s fun, because you get to make your campaign whatever you want it to be.”
Ryan Burger May 13, 2014

Students exercised their right to vote in their history class on April 28. Though they may not quite be ready for the big time vote for the actual president of the United States, they chose four of the...

Berg’s life in Loughshinny

Clara Ilkka May 8, 2014

The gray water sloshes over the dull slate and sand near the shores of Loughshinny, Ireland, where the stereotypical, traveler’s guide image of clover-green grass and hilly pastures filled with sheep...

Volkert devotes life to family farm

Senior Paul Volkert stadns proudly in fornt of his family barn. If I left my farm for more than one or two days, complete chaos would break loose in that barn!” Paul preached. “Every day, the cattle have to be fed and the electric fence has to be maintained so they don’t get out of the pasture.”
Ross Stickler May 7, 2014

Where Minnesota and Wisconsin kiss each other on the Hudson Bridge, there lies a big white barn and a hackneyed house on the top of the hill that drivers have to struggle up while heading West into Minnesota....

Mathisen makes musical magic

Mathisen makes musical magic
Katie Beedle May 7, 2014

Senior Nic Mathisen is a musical genius at Stillwater Area High School. Mathisen has participated in the school’s Concert Orchestra and Concert Choir, along with various outside of school musical programs...

Hudachek named Minnesota journalist of the year

Senior Paul Hudachek works hard to make the publication as strong and high quality as his individual writing. “I felt pretty content with my writing and design portfolios,” said Hudachek upon compleating his application.
Olivia Novotny May 5, 2014

Wearing a paper towel roll around his head, senior Paul Hudachek practically bounces off the walls in the high school’s publications room. Laughing and running around, at first sight it may be hard to...

Warolin falls head over heals for France

Jasmine Hearne April 17, 2014

From the beloved Eiffel Tower in the city of love to glorious cathedrals and beautiful pebble beaches of Nice, France is a vacation destination that never fails to impress. However, France not only offers...

Lambert sings despite respiratory difficulties

Lambert sings despite respiratory difficulties
Kelly Roehrig April 16, 2014

The gift of vocal chords strong enough to sing opera, where the performer has to take on a character while simultaneously singing some of the highest and lowest notes possible for the human vocal, combined...

Keeping up with Koenning

Andrea Rustad April 15, 2014

Some people love music. Some people are good at making music. But then there’s Katie Koenning. This senior is one of the most talented and dedicated violinists in Concert Orchestra, and helps lead them...

‘Weathering the Storm’ a story by Marybeth Misgen

Emily Ness April 14, 2014

Weathering The Storm, a book written by Lakeland mom and teacher, Marybeth Misgen, was recently published. The book showcases her son, Nick, who was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy at only 3...

Kelley embraces Irish heritage

Maddie Ek April 3, 2014

“Somedays it’s really tough and I feel like my feet are going to fall off but those are the days I love it the most,” confessed junior Lauren Kelley. Every Monday at 4:30 p.m. Kelley rushes around...

Mercer takes foreign exchange trip to South Korea

Photo by Katie Beedle
Paul Hudachek April 2, 2014

Senior Caroline Mercer sits down to her latest sculpture. She’s been experimenting with using wax and paper towels, an ingenious effect that slides seamlessly in with the other pieces of her concentration...

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