Climate Change affects more people with every day


Photo submitted by Addie Foote

Juniors Addy Foote, Claire Abbott and grace Storm have decided to plant a garden in the courtyard at the high school to help society and spread awareness.

Lindsey Crain, Copy Editor

Climate change has been affecting the planet for over 650,000 years. Along with the effects it had over animals, plants and our natural environment. These effects have caused decreases in certain animal species like Polar Bears, Arctic foxes, etc. Humans have had a huge effect on this dramatic increase in global change.

The environment these animals live in is being ruined by people burning fossil fuels and converting land from forests to agriculture. Burning fossil fuels produces carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas. It is called a greenhouse gas because it produces a “greenhouse effect”.

“When humans began using fossil fuels we did not know the effects and over time it became common knowledge among scientists and eventually the general public. I think climate change necessitates actions on our part to mitigate. As consumers we can make a difference by supporting companies that are transparent and responsible,” junior Addie Foote said.

People are usually unaware of what they are doing when they do it. From missing a throw to a garbage can, to businesses purposely emitting fossil fuels, climate change and global warming have come up in debates and discussions which have spread awareness. People have become more active in wanting a change and to stop the damage. Spreading awareness has been a huge part of English teacher and politician Josiah Hill’s campaign.

“This is an issue that’s now mainstream but, there’s a comfort in the status quo. Change is hard for human beings. There’s the appearance of or the sense of which, and I don’t think this is what politics are about but a win or a loss on this issue, depending on which way that again breaks or, you know, our current leaders and what they’re saying. People believe what they want to believe from the leaders they trust and look up to,” Hill explained.

Everyone has an impact and even small actions amount to something. To make a difference, you have to start somewhere and everyone can do something.”

— Addie Foote

Many students have decided to take a stand by participating in clubs and outside school activities to voice their opinions about our environment, some clubs and sports such as FFA, the mountain biking team, etc. They want to raise awareness and how we should control as well as change the way we are treating the earth.

“It really started when I co-founded the environmental club and began organizing activities. I got involved further by participating in PGC (project green challenge) which is and international sustainability challenge/competition that is open to high school and college students. It taught me a lot and gave me motivation and inspiration to be involved in bigger projects. However, I have appreciated the environment my entire life especially as I went to the boundary waters and spent time in nature as a kid,”
Foote added.

Warming ocean waters melting the undersides of Antarctic ice shelves, leading to increases at the ice fronts, are responsible for most of the continent’s ice shelf mass loss. A study by NASA and university researchers found, “Ice lost from the ice sheets margins far exceed any gains in the interiors.” Along with fossil fuels and the effects of them being emitted into our atmosphere.

Hill feels “with development after the electrical grid and number one producer of carbon emissions in this country in many of the industrialized world is transportation, you know it’s cars. Yeah, and we’re seeing incredible speed in the development of electronic vehicles and technology going into batteries. This is another way we can reduce the emissions that are being released as well as the burning of fossil fuels,” which we as people and our culture don’t take that responsibility.

Industries such as coal, mining and lumber have been controlling how we use and store our raw materials and the machines they use burn up fossil fuels as well as control the emissions being produced and let out to the natural environment.

Hill explained how politics play a role in that those who have profited off the coal game are gonna use every tool to continue to do that and to burn coal and continue to produce wealth.

The earth has been taking a backseat to our problems, meaning we as a human population have been ignoring climate change and global warming. The results of this being rising ocean levels, as well as habitats and animals species being endangered.