Swift’s new album ‘Fearless (Taylor’s Version),’ instant hit

Ella Spitzer, Copy Editor

Taylor Swift has been a country and pop music icon for over a decade. Young girls have looked up to her since 2006, and it is all well deserved. Swift has catered to many different styles of music and given everyone something to enjoy. She is one of few child-appropriate singers nowadays that older age groups can enjoy just as much.

 “I listened to the original “Fearless” album when it first came out when we were little kids, and her first album, “Taylor Swift”, junior Mayona Jones said.

 Swift now has 9 albums, she has explored many types of music and several styles and tones. She had a country pop stage, a heartbreak stage- several of those- an independent stage, a mysterious stage, and then back to the original love song, country-pop Swift we all know and love with her remake of “Fearless”.

Swift announced that she will be rerecording 9 albums total, meaning more unreleased songs and remaking of the old ones. Swift’s top selling song as of right now is “Shake It Off”, released in 2014 as part of the “1989” album. It is definitely an up-beat song, but many might agree that it was very overplayed, on every radio station, all of the time. 

 “It’s not my favorite, I think another song should be the one that really represents her,” sophomore Maya Hanlon said when asked if she thinks that “Shake It Off” is worthy of Taylor’s number one song.

The album “Fearless” came out nearly 14 years ago, and it was a hit then too, but last month when Swift released “Fearless (Taylor’s album)” it broke the charts instantly. Old and new fans alike all enjoyed this album. For some it was just new fun music to listen to, for others it was a throwback to childhood. This album of course appeals to everyone, younger and new fans alike, but the people who appreciate this the most are Swift’s fans who listened to the Fearless album 13 years ago when it was released. Whether or not they continued to listen to Swift through those years varies, but anyone can appreciate the nostalgia. 

“I haven’t listened to her since I was a kid, until my friends started playing this new album and I actually liked it, but till then she kind of just fell off,” Jones said.

I listened to the original ‘Fearless’ album when it first came out when we were little kids, and her first album, ‘Taylor Swift,’ ”

— Mayona Jones

The point of Taylor’s re-recorded album was that she technically did not own her old albums so she wanted to remake them under her own copyright so she could earn the profits from them, as well as tweak them to be the best they could be. There is a slight instrumental difference between the two, and her pitch control has improved over the years, not that anyone could complain that it wasn’t also great before. The new album is extremely similar to the old one, besides copyright issues with her old one, it’s hard to say it was really worth it to re-record the old songs, but because of the legal things it does make sense why Swift chose to do so. 

 “I couldn’t really tell the difference between the old and the new one to be honest, besides the new songs,” Hanlon said.

Swift also released 6 “from the vault” songs for this album, ones that she did not release the first time around, but thought were good additions for the new album. “Mr. Perfectly Fine “”You All Over Me“ ”That’s When “ ”Don’t You `”Bye Bye Baby” and a “Love Story” remix were the titles. Both Jone’s and Hanlon’s favorite songs of the entire album was “Mr. Perfectly Fine” which is a popular opinion as it hit number one on the iTunes charts almost instantly. Personally my favorite song of the album was “You belong with me” as it was a childhood staple, but of the new additions, I agree with the crowd, “Mr. Perfectly Fine” is a very fun, catchy song.