Student Council hosts trivia night


Photo by Seth Chlebeck

A game of Kahoot being prepared to play. The trivia night will be played on Kahoot or with the Kahoot format.

Seth Chlebeck, Distribution Reporter

The Student Council will host a trivia night for students over Zoom. There are many details not yet determined, such as the date, admission price (or if there even will be one) and prizes.

The event will have to be held over Zoom to accommodate for COVID-19 restrictions. The quiz will be in a format similar to Kahoot, which is popular among students.

We are doing it Kahoot-style with a variety of questions ranging from fashion to sports,” host and student council member Ethan Vargas said. 

The goal of the Student Council is to give students an opportunity to have an event like most years have, but this year is lacking.

“There just is not a lot of things students can do right now and a trivia night is appealing to many different types of people,” Vargas added. 

Currently, there is not a lot of information available to students about the event, however the Council is planning to advertise the event with hopes of getting around 500 students to participate.

“We’re hoping for about 500 people. We think if we do enough advertising and marketing, we will have quite a few people join,” Vargas said. 

There are some uncertainties about some details about the event. The council has not decided if there should be a price for admission, and if they should use admission money as a cash prize.

“We have not determined yet whether or not the event will be free. If we charge people, it could produce a lot of revenue that we could use as a prize money,” Vargas said. 

If the event is successful, it could be a recurring event. according to Vargas, trivia nights are relatively easy to organize, so there could be more in the future, possibly even as early as this year. 

As events were being quickly canceled trivia night seemed like it would be easy to do no matter the circumstances,” Vargas explained, preparing to continue work on the trivia night for students. 

Vargas says “There just is not a lot of things students can do right now and a trivia night is appealing to many different types of people.