Born to run: track season starts up soon


Photo by Libby Shepperd

Inside the Pony Stadium is a track where the track and field team comes together to practice or where their events are held. Sadly, due to the Coronavirus, It is closed and students are counted on to stay in shape and practice on their own.

Track season planned to start during March to prepare for their first event occurring in April. However, because of the Coronavirus, the season will not begin and the team will not compete as normal. The runners are on their own for now to stay in shape and practice on their own in case there is still a chance it will start again this season, or to just be prepared for the next one.

Track and field is a very competitive sport, but the runners are mostly competitive with themselves to get better times or to beat a new record. These two events are separated for the purpose to focus on the event the runner is participating in.

“The team is so big that you do not get the opportunity to meet everyone. You practice with your events and get to know that group of people very well. Getting to know the rest of the team could help bring the team together more, but would distract us from practicing for our events,” junior Michael Fronczak said.

“I have some of my friends on the track team and I have met some new ones too””

— Mario Bredholt

The two events practice separately, focusing on what the runner is involved in, so it does not create distractions or mix-ups. The runners become close with the people they have the same interests as them because they are in the same group and know more about, so they are able to give tips and have a better understanding of what is going on. But, supporting the entire team is very important to them. 

“At the middle school, we meet as an entire team every day, so kids are constantly socializing, which is great. At the high school, athletes are a bit more specialized in their specific events, so we usually just meet as an entire team once a week. There is still plenty of socializing between event groups at meets though, which is great to see,” coach Ryan Miller explained.

The socializing at meets is a way for students to be able to see how each person is improving and congratulate them for working so hard in practice, even though not many people are able to witness their hard work. It is also a very inspiring way to get motivated.

Fronczak says his favorite part about track is the meets because it is a cool way to see each part of the track team and how they have improved throughout the year.

Another factor about the team is that it is a way to spend time with friends or make new ones. Especially meeting people who have the same interests as you such as people with the same event.

“I have some of my friends on the track team,” freshman Mario Bredholt said, “and I have made some new ones too.”

Track and field is a way for students to make friends and stay active, even though the events are separated. It is still one big team full of support for each other. Hopefully the team can get back into the swing of things after the Coronavirus passes, stronger and faster than ever.