Former college football athlete plays valuable role with football team


Photo by Jack Taverna

Stillwater Varsity Football team getting ready to start the game on September thirteenth. They play White Bear Lake. The Ponies lost twenty four to fourteen.

Jack Taverna, SNO Sports Center and Social Media Editor

Jason Caballero joined the eleventh grade social studies team this fall. Caballero brings a lot of background knowledge to the sport of football because he played for the University of Wisconsin River Falls. 

Caballero played football at the University of Wisconsin River Falls for four years and he uses his knowledge because he is coaching the sophomore football team this year.

 “I played every year, with the exception of one semester after I graduated from high school because I was just working,” Caballero said.

Caballero has great knowledge of the game. He is coaching the sophomore football team, and is considered to be one of the favorites on this year’s coaching staff.

“He is my favorite coach. He’s always talking to me. He is really funny,” sophomore football player Jaden Leach explained.

Caballero has a personality that has a positive effect on his players. So much so that most of his players would love to have him as a teacher next year.

Sophomore quarterback Joey Gerlach explained how he would love to have Caballero as a history teacher next year. “I feel like he would be a really good teacher, based on what I have seen with football. He is really good at teaching. He is a pretty good guy,” Gerlach said.

I actually want to improve students who want to be on the field and play and have that same passion I did.”

— Jason Caballero

“Big friendly giant” is something that Caballero’s players call him because he is perfect for football, according to Leach. Based on his physique, one could say that he is built like a tank.

“I know that he was a defensive end in college and he is the size of it too, big guy,” Gerlach added.

Caballero is considered a great coach as well. Caballero has coached at the college level.

“When I finished playing football, I had a year of coaching at the college level,” Caballero said.

Caballero said that he wants the best for the students. He wants the students to have the same passion as he did when he played football.

“I actually really love it. It is a different environment. It is a different feel for the students and the kids to come out and play than what I am used to back home. I want to be here as long as I am able to. I actually want to improve students who want to be on the field and play and have that same passion I did.”

He added, “I see myself even being here as long as I am willing and able to, as long as I am in good health, of course. But I think playing a sport can open your eyes to things that you do not normally see. And for me growing up, football was that one thing that changed my life and I wanted to do the same thing for these kids so they can have the same experience as I did.”