Football field movie night brings students together

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Alternative copy story by Mira LaNasa

For a final celebration of the school year, Student Council will be holding a movie night at Pony Stadium on May 27. The movie will take place once it begins to get dark. All students are welcome to come. Entrance for the movie will be free, however, concessions will be sold.

After receiving positive results from students for the fall movie showing, which was of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Student Council decided to organize another movie night on the field. They wanted to have an event that could bring all of the student body together. To plan the event Student Council has made sure that they will have access to the football field on May 27. They will also be setting up a screen, projector, and speakers in order to show the movie.

The idea to host a movie night at Pony Stadium came about because many colleges do this during finals week. The movie serves as a break in between all of the studying and stress where students can have a low key and fun night. Student Council is working to get the event advertised so that there can be an even greater turnout.

It’s worth it for us [Student Council] even if a small number of students show up. If we can make someone’s high school experience better I want to do that.”

— Annabel Gregg

“We hope to use Link Crew and other groups to tap into our underclassman population as well,” Student Council President senior Annabel Gregg said. “It’s worth it for us [Student Council] even if a small number of students show up. If we can make someone’s high school experience better I want to do that,” Gregg added.

Student Council struggled choosing a movie to show. Student council members took a poll to see which movie was most popular. The choice ended up being between High School Musical 2 or High School Musical 3.

“We had a pretty nice argument in Student Council about which to choose. HSM3 has seniors that are graduating but HSM2 has a summer feel,” junior Abdul Mohamed explained. “We felt it won’t just be seniors going to the movie it will be everyone. Plus summer will only be only five days away from when it is being shown so we decided HSM2.”

After careful planning, Student Council is finalizing the details for the movie. Student council hopes that with more advertising, the time of year, and the movie chosen, that there will be a great student turnout. The movie night will be a chance for the school to come together one last time before summer.

“It will be a great time. If students have time to go obviously they should. Tell your friends get the word out. It will be a really great turnout and fun event,” Mohamed said.

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