Morgan Grim wins $10,000 art scholarship


Photo by Ashlynn O'Connor

Senior Morgan Grim is exited by receiving a $10,000 art scholarship from Bergen Scholarship, for her photography skills.

Ashlynn O'Connor, Social Media Editor

Well-rounded senior Morgan Grim grew up with a love of art. Just about a month ago, Grim was surprised with a $10,000 art scholarship from Berggren Scholarships. With the scholarship she will attend the University of Minnesota Duluth where she will continue making art.

Grim grew up creating her own art. She started loving it when she was a little girl. She loved coloring in coloring books, making finger paintings, watercolor designs and fun crafts. Grim was always drawing or doing some sort of art wherever she went.

“I remember I would spend hours and hours on doing art projects,” Grim said.

Going in to middle school and high school, Grim got into different interests as well. She started playing volleyball for the school as well as traveling volleyball for SAJO. Grim was also on the track team, perfecting her high jump. Weightlifting before and after school has been her hobby. She started taking hard classes, which challenged her and gave her a larger homework load.

Grim said she wanted to push her limits and do what made her happy, she wanted to succeed. Grim wanted to be a well rounded student that gets noticed by her qualities and achievements. She chose to start photography as something that would make her stand out in art.

“I’ve have never not seen Morgan pushing herself or not making herself better,” junior Ryann Hanson said.

Morgan is amazing at photography, I can see that by the way she shows a story in the photos.”

— Emma Lehmann

Once Grim started taking photos and editing them she knew that photography was her most favorite way of art by far. When she had a full schedule during the week and on top a full homework load, Grim never stopped taking amazing photographs. She took many photography art courses at the high school. She took extra photo assignments home and work on them in her free time. Photography is her life, and Grim knew she needed to show people what she could portray through her images.

“Morgan is amazing at photography, I can see that by the way she shows a story in the photos,” senior Emma Lehmann said.

Grim decided about a month ago that she wanted to submit samples of her artwork to Berggren Scholarships. She edited and gathered eight of her best photos for her portfolio to present to a committee. After presenting her portfolio she had to take another photo and edit in in under 90 minutes, she then presented it to the panel once again. Grim was informed days later by her art teacher, Carey Nisi that she had won the Berggren Art Scholarship for her photography.

Grim has spent her time and life to art, which developed into her love for photography. She got into the University Minnesota Duluth with great grades, GPA, recommendations, and now an $10,000 art scholarship.

Grim is overjoyed by getting the scholarship because it was something she has always wanted since she had been a little girl. Grim expresses a deeper meaning in her art. She stood out because of how unique and beautiful she could portray her art.