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Students find independence taking gap year

Sintra Nichols a 2018 SAHS graduate who did an apprenticeship in Florianopolis, Brazil. Nichols worked at a preschool and help aid for the betterment of the school.
Joseph Devins, Business Editor-in-Chief May 24, 2019

A few Stillwater students are taking a year break in between going to school. A gap year is used for students who want to serve as an intern or raise more money for college. Some students take a gap...

Morgan Grim wins $10,000 art scholarship

Senior Morgan Grim is exited by receiving a $10,000 art scholarship from Bergen Scholarship, for her photography skills.
Ashlynn O'Connor, Social Media Editor May 9, 2019

Well-rounded senior Morgan Grim grew up with a love of art. Just about a month ago, Grim was surprised with a $10,000 art scholarship from Berggren Scholarships. With the scholarship she will attend the...

Grading policies varies, consistency encouraged

The schools strong beliefs for a strong academic grading system.
Ashlynn O'Connor, Social Media Editor November 13, 2018

The hot topic that is lingering throughout the schools hallway is the grading system. The grading system is not a gentle subject because of the fact that there are so many different opinions. The middle...

Pep fest ends Homecoming week, kicks off homecoming game

Students file into the bleachers for the annual Homecoming pep fest Sept. 28.
Lilly Sample, Online Editor-in-Chief September 28, 2018

To wrap up Homecoming week, Student Council has planned another successful pep fest. The Stillwater Armada Robotics team used their robot to shoot t-shirts into the bleachers, a lucky student pie-d...

Ski groups grow during winter

Skiing is a sport that people can do for the majority of their life. Many start at young ages and continue on until old.Skiing is a sport that many enjoy during the winter. There are different reasons why people want to do it.
Elana Ross, Photographer January 9, 2017

Winter in Minnesota comes with cold temperatures and lots of snow. New winter sports approach and skiing and snowboarding are two popular choices for students. Recreational skiing has been around since...

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