BSU welcomes non-black students


Photo submitted by Lateefat Ajidagba

Members of the Black Student Union make a huddle to celebrate a successful meeting. These students form long-lasting bonds through a common ground.

Grace Wirkkala, Online Editor

The Black Student Union advocates for a more diverse club by including students of all races in their meetings. The club aims to create a welcoming and safe space for black students who may otherwise feel outcasted in a predominantly white school. The BSU, however, does not ban non-black students from attending meetings, in fact, they encourage this kind of participation.

The students of BSU meet in the main forum room in the upstairs rotunda from 2:30-4:00 p.m. every other Thursday to discuss current events and local school politics. Members of the club hope to create a more welcoming and integrated environment at SAHS by inviting anyone to join.

The purpose of BSUs across the country is to help black students feel accepted and safe. It is an inviting place for black students where they may feel different or out of place.

The club’s vice president, junior Anghom Ajak explained, “BSU started off as a safe space for students of color because being in a predominantly white school can take a negative toll on a student of color without the proper guidance or support system. The goal was to have a place to express your feelings on not being fully accepted or understood and also being able to relate with others that have been or are going through the same thing.”

We’re not here to discriminate we’re not here to judge you.

— Anghom Ajak

In a school where only 15 percent of the population is non-white, it is important for a club like this to exist. It is even more important to include non-black students in order for the school’s community to function effectively and to educate those who do not understand the reason behind the club.

One of the club’s members, senior Donyea Davis said, “I think it’s important to include non-students of color because they are able to learn things about us, like the people around them. It will help them learn about social issues that they may not have been educated about. Such as Black Lives Matter.”

As well as creating a safe space for students of color, the BSU hopes to promote diversity in school and educate students.

Ajak said that she wants BSUs role in the school to be able to bring awareness to the struggles and hardships that students of color face at a school where not a lot of people look like them. She hopes to highlight the diversity that is already within the school.

There are absolutely misconceptions about BSU from other students. The point of the club is to promote cultural exposure to students who don’t understand.

Ajak added, “I think it’s very important because as a club we don’t want people to think that just because it’s called Black Student Union that the club is only for black people. No. You can come whether you’re white, Asian, Latino, Native whatever. You’re welcome anytime. We’re not here to discriminate we’re not here to judge you. If you want to come in and just listen that’s perfectly fine if you want to come in and ask questions that’s ok too. We want to let people know that we’re not against each other. Just because we have a different point of view doesn’t mean that we can’t come to a common ground.”

The club’s goal is to make students feel safe in an environment where they don’t see many people who look like them. It gives black students an opportunity to come together and share the common ground they have, while also recognizing what makes them different. BSU hopes to bring all kinds of students together and create an open community for everyone.