Feminism Club creating change for better

Alex Ehde, Social Media Reporter


The newest club at the SAHS, the Feminism Club, is raising awareness for women’s rights, LGBTQ+ rights, and minority interests around the community.

The club has been recently started by Erica Lemke, Madison Fulin and Maddy Baker. The meetings take place in US history teacher Matt Kiedrowski’s classroom before school every other monday.

The Feminism club focuses on the true meaning feminism while trying to change the false ideas of what feminism is in some people’s eyes.

Senior Madison Fry said, “We focus on promoting feminism and what being a feminist truly means. We plan to do this by inviting everyone to meetings so they can get a taste of our club and also by organizing our members to do good in our community.”

The students in the club want everyone to know the club is intersectional. Everyone can join. Even though the club focuses on women, the club is open to everyone who believes in equality of sexes.

“Though we focus on issues that predominately affect women, we want to make it known that the club is more than open to male members and we are welcoming of anyone who is interested in learning about the movement and getting involved. Regardless of race, gender or orientation. This is about spreading understanding of the movement and getting young edits excited to be a part of change making,” Fry said.

So far, the club has had two meetings and plan to have many more in February. During the first two, they have discussed leadership roles and what they plan on achieving throughout the year.

“During the meetings we’ve discussed the club’s mission and the women’s march. In the future we plan on having speakers come and talk to us. We also talked about plans for service and activities,” junior Brienna Johnson said.

The Feminism Club plans on making a difference in the community with fundraisers and donating to charities.

“We’re hoping to hold a feminine products drive for a homeless shelter later this year, and raise money for various organizations,” sophomore Mya Lysne said.

If you join the club, you can learn about ways you can become an activist feminist right in our community.”

— Madison Fry

Learning is a big part of the Feminism Club. Whenever they are there, you they learn something new.

“If you join the club, you can learn about ways you can become an activist feminist right in our community. Whether that’s becoming politically active and attending protests, or volunteering with a local women’s organization. Even I have learned of ways to share my passion while making an impact,” Fry said.

The club not only impacts the students, but also the people in the Stillwater community.

“I feel the club definitely has made me and my friends who are members feel very empowered. For others, I hope it opens minds. Perhaps that may start with making people uncomfortable that we want to talk about controversial things and we want to normalize conversations around topics women tend to keep quiet,” Fry added.

This club hopes to change the views of feminism in the high school. With many different views of feminism in the school, the club hopes to give a different perspective on what it really means to be a feminist.

“I’ve noticed the word ‘feminism/feminist’ is thrown around this school in a negative way quite often. It’s really important that people know that feminism isn’t hating men, and thinking women are superior, but rather the act of believing in the social, political and economic equality of sexes,” Lysne said.

“A lot of people don’t actually know what feminism is all about. It is important to spread love and equality and it is a positive way to make a difference,” Johnson said.