Pony Possibilities Night welcomes in-coming ninth graders


Photo by Dylan Stormoen

The 2018-19 Pony Possibility Night Tag-a-long allows students to write out their course plan prior to registration. The packet provides information on every class offered.

Dylan Stormoen, Copy Editor

With the conclusion of the first semester, the 2019-2020 school year is becoming a topic of discussion. As class registration is coming up, current eighth graders have the opportunity to get an in-depth look at classes a little early. Pony Possibilities Night is a time for students, as well as parents, to learn the ins and outs of the high school along with the courses offered.

On Jan. 23, Pony Possibilities Night will take place in the auditorium. During the event, Principal Rob Bach will speak to incoming students and parents about the structure, as well as the purpose of the high school. Bach’s speech helps to relieve stress and worry for students starting at a large, new school, as well as for parents who are sending their children off to high school.

Following the meeting in the auditorium, teachers set up booths to display their classes. Visitors can learn about the wide variety of courses at the high school by observing demonstrations and asking questions.

“It’s a big school, so Pony Possibilities Night helps to alleviate those fears, that even the parents may have as well as the students,” school counselor Liz Nelson said.

At the event, counselors also have their own opportunity to express their main goals for the school year. One of the eight counselors will be chosen to represent them all, and share with the visitors what counselors are able to provide for the students throughout their high school career.

“It’s an opportunity to ask about needs for the change in the upcoming year, specifically to counselors,” Nelson said, “the event helps to give a human element to such a big building.”

One of the main focuses of Pony Possibilities Night is to discuss registration. Not only does Bach discuss and answer questions about the process eighth graders will undergo to register, but teachers have the chance to present their classes as well. This presentation includes a small kiosk-like booth for each class. Here teachers can provide a demonstration or information to promote their class.

We want students to be familiar with their schedules and what kinds of things they are looking to sign up for. They should have some kind of ownership in that process.”

— Rob Bach

“Pony Possibilities Night was originally designed to welcome in new students and parents, to make them feel more comfortable with the registration process, and discuss with them what all their different options are,” Bach explained. “It ensures that they can sign up for the best possible schedule.”

Class registration information goes beyond freshman year. Students can begin to look at their four-year plan for each subject. Most classes are represented, which provides students with the option to look into and ask questions about possible future subjects.

“We want students to be familiar with their schedules and what kinds of things they are looking to sign up for. They should have some kind of ownership in that process,” Bach added.

Pony Possibilities Night encourages students to come to Stillwater Area High School, the goal is for students to find comfort in the school before choosing where and how their high school career will take place. With all it has to offer, the event is a great opportunity for all soon to be ninth graders.