Girls soccer team fights to win season

Annika Brown, Business Editor

Photo by Annika Brown
The girls focus, and get pumped up before their game against Forest Lake. “I can see us going to state if we stay focused, and not letting off the gas pedal,” senior Evie Kohn said.

“I think we could win state. I mean, we’re kicking everyone’s butt,” junior Nya Dobier said.

The girls varsity soccer team is having an exciting start to their 2018 season. With nine games in the books, the girls are focused on winning a state championship title.

After many hours of practice and bonding during summer break, the ponies girls soccer team feels they are ready for another action-packed soccer season. Since August, the girls hit the field motivated to dominate the opposing team every Tuesday and Thursday.

Their most recent win against Duluth East, was the highest scoring game of the season. Resulting in a score of 5-1, the girls worked together to succeed against their opponent.

“We have a lot of new players, so they’re coming in with a fresh, and determined mind. We all just want to win so we’re pretty focused during the game,” senior Evie Kohn said.

There are seven games left in the regular season. The team’s current record is 7-1-1.

“We have been super consistent, and more positive this year,” junior Rachel Folden said.

Marisa Bonilla is one of the three new freshmen on the team. Out of the three games she has played in she has a record of one goal and two assists.

“It’s a little strange because everyone is a lot older and bigger than you, but it’s good to look up to them,” freshmen Marisa Bonilla said.

The team traveled out of town to Moorhead, earlier in the season. The weekend away, gave the girls a chance to bond as teammates.

“There’s more cohesiveness between the team, and there’s a better understanding of the equality of team mates.” Assistant coach Shawn Nelson said.

With the goal of winning state, the ponies will have to advance further this season, than the last. This means, winning sections and playoffs.

When asked about the difference between this season and the last,¬† Rachel Folden said, “I think we got too excited and a little bit too cocky.”

“It’s all about having a positive mindset,” she added.

The team believes they can win their division, and advance all the way to the State championship. But they know they have to stay focused, and be consistent every game.

Nya Dobier said, “We just have to come out and be a first half team, versus a second half team.”