President Trump shuffles his cabinet

Paxton Watson, Podcast Reporter

President Donald Trump has been taking a lot of heat in the last few weeks due to the fact he has reshuffled his cabinet multiple times. This started on March 13 when President Trump removed the Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson. This was followed by the removal of his National Security Advisor, H.R. McMaster, on March 15. American citizens need to maintain a open mind about the recent changes, realizing President Trump is doing what is necessary for our country.

Editorial Cartoon by Madison Weispfenning

The President replaced the two with the much more qualified, CIA Director Mike Pompeo and former UN Ambassador John Bolton. Mike Pompeo makes an excellent choice for Secretary of State due to his clear understanding of the threats America faces today, as well as his commitment to other United States alliances. John Bolton will serve as someone who can drive decisions no matter what the obstacle may be. Add this to his top-notch intellect and that creates a perfect National Security Advisor.

“It is a good idea to have new ideas in the government because this introduces different perspectives and opinions,” junior Victoria Caliguire said.

New members in the United States cabinet will help to bring new thoughts into decision-making. Pompeo has new ideas surrounding our national security that could possibly protect our country at a new level. New thoughts can help bring light to issues that may not have been talked about before and result in different decisions being made about possibly ignored subjects. This different decision making will likely satisfy many different groups of people. This will eventually, unite the different parties of the United States.

“Hopefully [replacing cabinet members] will lead to a more functional cabinet and the most qualified candidates being there,” social studies teacher Ryan Miller said.

The former cabinet members were not qualified for their jobs and did not properly represent the United States. Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson disagreed with the President and other cabinet members on the Paris Climate Treaty, the Iran Deal and Immigration. However, the thought differences on unapologetic economic power is what eventually drove the President to his choice of firing Tillerson.

McMaster, contrary to Tillerson, agreed with the President on many of his thoughts, but slowly lost control of his subordinates. In order to protect the United States government it is important we have someone we can trust with private information.

When conversations between the Presidents of Mexico and Australia were somehow leaked to the Washington Post, McMaster was ultimately blamed, rightfully so because it was, in fact, his subordinates leaking private information.

As United States citizens, we have to trust that President Trump knows what he is doing. When he makes decisions, like firing cabinet members, the citizens should try to understand where he is coming from and learn to support him even if they disagree. The President’s voice is not the only one heard when decisions are being made. It takes many people in our government to decide when someone should be fired and why. Therefore, it’s important to know that no decision is taken lightly and when a decision like this is made it is done because it is a necessary thing to help our country grow.

Despite what our personal views are we have to remember that decisions in the government are made to help the people not a person.

“I think that President Trump should be careful with how much ‘shuffling’ he is doing, but it is also important that the people in his cabinet have the country’s best interests in mind,” junior Caliguire said.