Nerf War tradition continues

Ebbie Benson, Copy Editor

A popular tradition within the student body is the Nerf War. It not only takes place in the community, but also across the state as students all over team up and take down their opponents.

The war is unaffiliated with the school, however students form teams and plan their attacks with hopes of winning the cash prize at the end of the competition. Students choose up to seven of their most agile and cunning friends to stack their team with. The War ends when only one team remains but until then, Stillwate

r is full of students hiding in discrete places and staking out other teams.

The Nerf War keeps many students on edge as they attempt to get through their daily lives without being “shot” by an opponent.

“When I’m hanging out with my friends, I’m always worried someone is going to come from nowhere and eliminate me,” junior Madi Gackstetter said.

It’s something we’ve all put time into and it’s really fun to get to be on a team with your friends. We’re not very good, but we try our best to survive..”

— Rose Witcomb

To relieve some of the stress, there are important rules put in place so that order is maintained. Students cannot engage in any Nerf War activity on school grounds, and there are safe zones where the War is not prohibited. There is a weekly deadline for the team to turn in their “kills” or risk the disqualification a member of their group. Each kill must be posted on the Nerf War Twitter page, and after 10 kills are accomplished, an eliminated player may be revived.

“The rules keep it from getting too crazy and I feel like without them, it wouldn’t even be fun to participate,” senior Josh Phelps said.

The War is a fun way for all students to participate in a community-wide activity, and with a money incentive, teams willingly spend time strategizing their win.

Junior Rose Whitcomb said, “It’s something we’ve all put time into and it’s really fun to get to be on a team with your friends. We’re not very good, but we try our best to survive.”

However, the Nerf War raises concerns and can be a controversial topic. The concern is that students are reckless and careless when it comes to organizing and competing in the War, and let go of common sense in order to get the kill and many believe it is not an activity worth risking lives for.

In an article on Kare 11, Ramsey County Attorney John Choi said, “”I’m sure it can be fun in certain contexts. It just has to be done, I think, responsibly.”

The Nerf War is a fun tradition that has been upheld for many years, and continues to be popular amongst the student body. The rules vary by year and communities, but the idea of teaming up with friends and competing remains the same.

Junior Danielle Keran said, “It’s a lot of fun and I’m glad I did it this year. I’ve always heard about it, and have always wanted to be a part of it.”