Boys ultimate frisbee prepares for State


Photo by Ellie Dahlstrom

The boys frisbee team plays the Woodbury Royals on May 4. Although the game was intense, it ended with a spirit circle, celebrating all players.

With a season of ups and downs, and a record 3-7, the boys ultimate frisbee team continues to have an enthusiastic attitude especially with a large number of new players. The team welcomes anyone to play. Whether a seasoned touchdown scorer or someone who has never touched a frisbee, either are able to join. The team practices Monday through Wednesday with games on Thursday. 

“I think our accomplishments maybe aren’t showing on the scoreboard yet, but I’d say we’ve come a long way,” Coach Bjorn Hagstrom said.

Although the team has not come out with a large amount of wins, the coaches are still proud of the attitude and persistence of the team.

Hagstrom said, “a huge positive on the team is the enthusiasm”. 

In addition to the coach, the team has three captains, two of them being senior players, and a junior “spirit captain”. The captains are expected to be leaders on and off the field, help players and effect games.

“It’s all about love, getting better and all that good stuff,” spirit captain Aaron Woodman said.

The team culture focuses heavily on inclusivity and making all feel welcome. At the end of games both teams gather on the field and participate in a spirit circle. Players can commend other players for good work in the game and captains give shout outs as well.

Despite the team’s record, the team will still have the opportunity to participate in the state tournament.

“There’s not enough teams, so basically everyone makes it to state,” junior Corbin Carpenter said.

I think our accomplishments maybe aren’t showing on the scoreboard yet, but I’d say we’ve come a long way.

— Bjorn Hagstrom

After the regular season, all teams are invited to play in the tournament, although there are different brackets. There are three brackets, D1, D2, and D3. Stillwater is expected to play in D2. 

In the game of ultimate frisbee there are two positions. Handlers and cutters, Carpenter explained, handlers throw and cutters catch. Anyone can catch or throw the frisbee, but when trying to make a play or get the frisbee far down the field, the team tries to get the frisbee to a handler.

Led by the senior captains, the team is hoping for a turn around in time for the state tournament.

“They both show up with their leadership and play on the field,” Hagstrom said.

Woodman is also hopeful for the future as he said, “I know we are 3-7, but it’s starting to turn around.”

The boys ultimate frisbee team faced a lot of struggles this season. Despite a few losses, the team stays hopeful for the future. Coaches and players are all proud of their attitude on the field and will use their attitude, drive and enthusiasm to be successful in the upcoming state tournament.