Nobody fights for students like Jon Hinzman


Photo by Brady Lau

Special Education teachers Jon Matel and Jon Hinzman help their students become accustomed to working. They have been assisting special education students at the school for a couple of years.

Golden ray fingertips caress the newborn sky as orange undertones meet the horizon line where Jon Hinzman stands. Capturing what seems to be a once-in-a-lifetime sunrise. Hinzman quickly posts his view for the whole community to see.

“Sunrises give me a sense of comfort, they’re just so calm it makes you grateful for getting to see a sight like it.” After enjoying a picture-perfect view, greeting the family, and a quick daily bible reading, Hinzman is off to work helping special ed students.

Growing up with persevering parents, Hinzman has set high expectations for himself when it comes to his jobs and duties. “I was raised on a small farm where my parents worked hard and had the mindset of ‘let’s get it down and make it happen so I tried my best to be positive and live by that.” As a father, teacher, coach, farmer, and husband, there are always things needing to be done.

At school, his students are also faced with numerous tasks, and that’s where Hinzman steps in. He helps his students by challenging them but also advocating for them when necessary. “I’ll fight for them and show them how to get to a spot where they’re comfortable. Make sure they’re confident enough to start taking steps in a new direction.”

It’s ok to have someone fight for you a little bit.”

— Jon Hinzman

Hinzman admits there are setbacks along the way, but to him, it’s just another opportunity to learn and grow from it. “Failures and breakdowns happen along the way. When that happens I hit the pause button, reflect and say, Okay, that didn’t go right. Now what do I do, and where do I go next?”

Pessimistic, cheerful, unmotivated, or adventure-seeking, he constantly stands in the corner of all types of students. Nonetheless, motivation is key to getting by in life, and lucky for Hinzman he has many mindsets to draw from.  “…the older I get the more I focus on my faith and belief to try to be a positive impact on others by showing that not everything works smoothly. Knowing I can provide that kind of encouragement is part of my motivation.”

Special ed teacher and co-worker Johnathan Matel said, “He is willing to go the extra mile for students. I have witnessed him go above and beyond the traditional role of a teacher to help a student get a job. I believe he really cares about students.”

Hinzman also helps get special ed students hired and work with them to maintain their jobs once secured. Living in our competitive world today, he also feels the need to help people by simply listing to problems. “Whatever someone is going through I try to understand and help them move forward.” Mr. Hinzman is a special ed teacher, father, coach, husband, believer, friend, farmer, and an inspiration to us all.