Myth Nightclub takes students back to the 1920’s


Photo by Madison Engstrum

This year, Stillwater’s prom will be held at Myth Nightclub which will be decorated with a Great Gatsby theme. “The theme is Gatsby. Everyone loves Gatsby and there’s so many fun things we can do with decorating. The goal is to make it just one big party. It’s going to be amazing and crazy and energetic,” said Andi Markham.

Olivia Braun

Prom is coming up right around the corner on May 3. Students participating in Prom Committee prepare for this event throughout the school year and have chosen Gatsby as this year’s theme. A new location has been set at Myth Nightclub, which has helped lower the prices of tickets and created many more benefits. With a 1920s theme and unique location, many are looking forward to the annual event.

Gatsby was chosen because of the popularity of the book and movie, The Great Gatsby. Many prom committee members thought this would be an intriguing theme.

“We debated on a theme for quite some time, thinking of fun, intriguing ideas was difficult. A couple ideas that were tossed around included jungle, hipster, rock and roll, but no one really seemed to like those. Then one day we started talking about the movie The Great Gatsby and formed an idea through that discussion,” said senior Savannah Cherry.

Much more will be brought to the plate with this year’s theme, including an extravagant party.

“The theme is Gatsby. Everyone loves Gatsby and there’s so many fun things we can do with decorating. The goal is to make it just one big party. It’s going to be amazing and crazy and energetic. We are working really hard to incorporate a lot of details, so hopefully all of the guests will feel like they are at a real party at Gatsby’s. It’s going to be extravagant with a lot of sparkles and silver and gold. We are trying to transform it to look like Gatsby’s mansion, which is obviously a challenge, but we have  it all figured out and it is going to be great so I think everyone will really be impressed with all of our ideas,” said senior Andi Markham.

Prom being hosted at Myth Nightclub creates a more affordable and worthwhile location than years in the past.

Markham said, “The Myth was chosen for a few reasons. Mainly, it’s a cost concern. Last year we had to pay for the venue, along with all the other additional things such as the security and DJ, but with the Myth it’s all included in the cost of the venue so we are saving money which enables us to sell the tickets for less. They start at $29 this year, which is really good so we are proud of that. Also, we are going to be the only people at the Myth, meaning we get the whole place to ourselves, versus last year we had to share the place with other groups of people. This year, it is just Stillwater Prom which will be a really nice transition!”

Students want to see the changes.

“Prom this year should be really fun. I have been planning with a lot of my friends for the past couple weeks. I am really looking forward to how they are going to set up Myth and seeing everyone in their dresses! It should be a really fun experience, especially the first year,” said junior Anna Swanson.

Many are looking forward to this years prom.