New juggling club starts this year


Photo by Wyatt Vraa

Evan Cadenhead is juggling at the juggling club.

Even with the difficulties of being a new club this year, the student lead juggling club was determined to get off to a good start.

Juggling is a skill that dream of harnessing. The juggling club is a learning opportunity, and anyone can join to learn or improve their skills.

Even though he just started juggling last year, junior Evan Cadenhead said he is qualified to teach people how to juggle.

Because the juggling club just started this year, the club is not very popular. It is low on members and has plenty of spots open for some more.

“Evan has a ton of different equipment that he is providing and he is going to teach people how to juggle and how to do different skills with different things,”Erin Nickleby, health and AVID 11th-grade teacher, said.

The juggling club meets every Thursday in Nickleby’s room, G113. Cadenhead said the club is “not just juggling. It’s a lot of different things like Kendamas and stuff like that.”

having a good hobby that you are really in love with

— Evan Cadenhead

These many activities and high hopes root the club and create interest around the school.

The club comprises people with a wide range of skill levels and is designed to help members learn no matter how good they are.

Freshman Colby Henjum said his skill level is “pretty much below zero.”

Cadenhead as the leader of the club wants many people to pursue this fantastic and captivating hobby. The Juggling club is centered around learning and having fun, which is why the trends give the club’s main goal as “having a good hobby that you are really in love with,” Cadenhead said.

Because of the success and interest present, the juggling club is excited and ready to kick this year off with an amazing start.