French club starts again with new motives for the year


Photo by Sara J. Norton

French club meets for the first time this year. The turnout was better than expected with 28 students attending. Pictured here is senior Logan Onken, and senior Avery Hoge at the first French club meeting this year.

Sara J. Norton, Photography Editor and Public Relations Editor

French club is starting up again. This year it will be a student-led organization by seniors Avery Hoge and Logan Onken. With new leadership comes new perspectives, goals and experiences for the year.

French club focuses on different cultures and trying new things. It encourages members to open up their minds to differences in our world. There is a vast amount of opportunity to soak oneself into the French culture. In French Club, students can do that by making different foods and learning about the different values of the french culture.

“The opportunity to do cultural things with everybody and to bring stuff that we can’t do in class into the club. Like to cook with everybody to try different foods… to do all those different cultural things,” French teacher Jackie Parr said. “Different cultures doing things differently, eating differently, having slightly different values is not necessarily a bad thing, but that it’s an interesting thing. You can open up your mind right up to that difference.”

French club is going to be student-led this year by very talented students, Hoge and Onken. These two reached out to Madame Parr to start the French club again. This did not surprise her because Avery contacted her multiple times to revive the club. Hoge and Onken have a lot of passion for the french language and culture. That is what truly motivated them to reach out to Parr about the french club.

“I feel like more people will want to come to the club… knowing that it’s not like a teacher in a classroom because that’s what they’re in french class for. French club is just a different experience.

— Elsa Olson

” junior Elsa Olson said. She also said that it will be more engaging for students and for her.

Having students lead the French club is amazing because they will know what students really want. A French club is a place for people to go and be able to be themselves. It is a place for people to express their passion for the language and culture. It also allows for members to have fun with others of similar interests.

Senior Onken said, “I wanted to have a club that was one of my interests because I didn’t really have a club before then, that really stood out to me,” Onken said. “It’s a place where I can go to after school and meet up with my friends but also get to engage in one of my passions, which is French.”

French Club didn’t exist for a couple of years. There was not enough interest from students for the club to keep going. Madame Parr tried different things to keep the club alive when there was little interest in it. She ultimately decided to discontinue meetings because they could not keep people involved.

Parr said that it “literally fizzled out” because there was no interest for a few years.

French club is going to allow so many students to immerse themselves in the French culture. It does not matter how much French they do or do not know.

“The students of any level of french can have fun together, learn the same things, and play the same games. You don’t have to be fluent in French to be able to learn about France. You don’t need to be exceptional at French to be able to have fun,” Olson said.