Lucas Fisher revolutionizes street style clothing


Photo submitted by Lucas Fisher

Lucas Fisher models a piece of clothing from his brand, Pharmacyde. He’s been making clothing since his freshman year.

Brady Lau, Social Media Editor

“I would describe it as a punk style, but pushed a little bit crazier,” junior Lucas Fisher described his clothing’s style. He has been creating his own clothing, as well as some of his friends clothing for a couple of years. Fisher had a spark of inspiration the summer before his freshman year. Being a highly talented artist, as well as having an interest in high fashion, led to him combining the two into his brand: Pharmacyde.

Clothes Fisher makes are meant to represent his passions and style. Fisher is a snowboarder, mountain biker, artist and musician. He can always be seen on the slopes, trails, in the art room, or jamming on his guitar.

Junior Jack Cress describes Fisher’s style, “Maybe a good term is chaos? Punk chaos? I don’t know, but it’s himself, and that’s the most remarkable – most respectable part.”

Fisher is a man of creativity and boldness amongst his peers. He can be seen with his fellow students wearing his clothing, and expressing the latest fashion trends that most people do not have the courage to wear. Beyond that, he is constantly pushing the trend farther and discovering his take on style. This boldness combined with his incredible artistic ability are the perfect foundation for stylish pieces that express the character of its owner.

Junior Logan Makowski explained how the difference between Fisher’s clothes and the typical Instagram brand shows his opposition to normality and mainstream culture.

Fisher began painting shapes and various designs on his clothing. Painting and coloring swiftly morphed into cutting and sewing. Now after years of practice, Fisher is able to create expressive pieces of clothing purely from scratch.

Makowski describes Fisher’s growth as a progression from altering clothing to creating entirely new pieces. He explained that Fisher even made a jacket from scratch.

He has a great mentality, an advanced love, a passion for clothing, and he is motivated; I think he will influence others to express themselves through clothing and that he will have an overall significant impact on the world.”

— Jack Cress

Over the two and a half years, Fisher has been developing his skills and refining his pieces. Within those past 2 years, he has decided to bring his pieces to market on a platform called Depop. This platform is unique in the sense that its system supports people like Fisher by allowing artists to sell pieces that they might not ever make again, allowing for exploration.

Makowski explains the process of buying and selling on Depop, “It’s not like a traditional retailer where there’s multiple of each item. It’s like a one time deal.”

As of this year, Fisher has taken all art classes provided by the school, including AP Art. Fisher has expressed that he has interest in growing and developing his talent. Seeing as though he has completed all art classes here, he plans to move on to post-secondary education.

Makowski explained that Fisher has reached the peak of what is offered here and that “there’s more room for growth somewhere else.”

Fisher plans to leave high school his senior year and enroll in art school. He believes that high school will not have anything else to offer him once he finishes AP art this year. He also believes that there is more opportunity for artistic growth somewhere else. He is leaving with a desire to further build on his talents and construct a reputation for Pharmacyde, as well as remain unique from the mainstream culture.