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Deaf event fosters appreciation for deaf culture

ASL teacher Amy Caslow flips hash browns at Metro Deaf School on Nov. 10. She, along with many of her students, were volunteering at the Pancake Breakfast fundraiser.

Taylor Lee, Distribution Reporter

November 26, 2018

 On Nov. 10, a select number of ASL teacher Amy Caslow’s American Sign Language level two students went to St. Paul Metro Deaf School to complete their first of two Deaf culture events. They were instructed to interview a Deaf individual and write an essay on their experience. However, it was not on...

Wallace helps community, causes positive impact

Junior Jordan Wallace laughs to herself as she enjoys the comical atmosphere of a club meeting.

Kleio Vrohidis, Online Editor

December 21, 2016

  As she sits in the hairdressers chair, she watches her pony tail fall to the ground. The hairdresser asks for consent once again to make sure she is still willing to. The locks of brown, curly hair that once reached her lower ribs, are now just barely past her shoulders. Senior Jordan ...

Youth United Way creating smiles throughout community

Many students stand out at Youth United Way meetings, but there was not a single adult. The group does have an adviser but it is led by the students. Lois Raboin gives them advice and helps with some of the logistics and she is an employee at Youth United Way. “I retired from 3M and I wasn’t ready to retire from work so I was hired here,” Rabion said. Student leaders Kate Kugler and Aly Brasch organized the meeting.

Shad Kraftson, Distribution Reporter

November 19, 2015

The money raised by Youth United Way is great, but the smiles they create may be more valuable. The group is lesser known at the school, but they do plenty for the community. Youth United Way is an opportunity for youth in the Stillwater area to lead in helping other youth. With a little hel...

Full-time Stonebridge volunteer celebrates 35 years

Karen Rose volunteers at Stonebridge elementary, and has been for 35 years to help students and staff. “I thought I might as well stay and help out for a while. Pretty soon people knew I was there and they were trying to get me to help with whatever,” said Rose.

Katelyn Weisbrood, Head Copy Editor

December 1, 2014

As parents, teachers and students walk in and out of the office at Stonebridge Elementary, they are welcomed by a white-haired lady in the window. She never fails to spark a conversation, usually started by offering a treat out of her desk drawers stuffed with sweets. She has no job title because she ...

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