Hockey team participates within community


Photo by Jeremiah Swartz

The hockey team and members of the community lie down sod for wounded veteran Mike Polehna.

Jeremiah Swartz, Graphics Editor and Copy Editor

The hockey team steps up in its community to help out a wounded veteran. Mike Polehna requested help to lie down 800 yards of sod for a house in an assisted living neighborhood. In an immediate response, the hockey team participated to help.

The team’s initiative to join the community creates a sense of leadership for the hockey team, and other teams may follow suit in helping the community. As a result, the more teams participate in the community, the more the community will help.

The hockey team took an opportunity to give back to a man because he put his life on the line to keep the community safe. It is crucial to understand Polehna for his sacrifice and give back to him. Without his service, the team could not play, and the community wouldn’t be what it is today.

“It gave us an opportunity to give back to someone who has given so much so we are able to go school and play hockey,” head coach Greg Zanon explained.

This event created a bonding experience for not only the community, but the team itself. Since the previous season, it allowed players to bond with each other and helped the team create a stronger bond within the community. In addition, this event was an opportunity to work together in an atmosphere outside of hockey.

“It gave us an opportunity to give back to someone who has given so much so we are able to go school and play hockey,” Coach Greg Zanon explained.

It gave us an opportunity to give back to someone who has given so much so we are able to go school and play hockey.

— Greg Zanon

“I feel like I created a bonding experience with the team, to just get together because we haven’t been together in a while because we’re not training right now,” senior Logan Langer said.

The result of this event made the team feel good and the rest of the community who participated in this event. The team and the community had the opportunity to help out this individual who gave so much for them, and it felt wondrous knowing that this man is benefiting from the community he worked so hard to protect.

“This event made me feel really good, it showed that we have people in our community willing to help when help is needed,” Zanon explained.

For such an event like this, a large amount of the community was there along with the hockey team and people who live in the neighborhood.

Even though this event was essential to the community, some players from the team did not show up. Zanon was still delighted with the team attendance. However, all though they didn’t show up, Zanon did not mind. The number of members from the community helped even out the laying of sod.

As next season is on the horizon for the hockey team, they continue to plan on participating in the community. It creates a sense of leadership for the team as they show the example and benefits of helping our community.

Zanon is planning on having the team continue to participate in community events, “We will definitely participate in future events,” Zanon said.

The hockey team’s ability to participate not only benefits our community, but creates a bond with the team and the school, and the community. The team plans on helping in other future events, such as Stillwater Commerce. In addition, the team creates a positive image within themselves, which will benefit them in the future, such as funding or other events that will help the team—giving back to a team that has given much to its community.