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Pony Centers have taken the brunt of handling absenteeism. Assistant principals and counselors are often overwhelmed with cases of student absenteeism.

School must motivate students to raise attendance

Pony Express Staff June 8, 2022

Chronic absenteeism has been a prevailing problem in the United States for the past decade. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, existing problems were exacerbated tenfold. Among other factors, lack of...

Senior Mikai Tasch is the social media Editor-in-Chief and copy editor for the Pony Express. He planned on going to the University of Minnesota- Twin Cities for civil engineering.

Federal minimum wage should increase amid high inflation

Mikai Tasch, Social Media Editor-in-Chief and Copy Editor May 3, 2022

The federal minimum wage has been $7.25/hour since July 24, 2009. For many citizens across the United States, this is not a livable wage. Although some believe that the federal minimum wage should stay...

Junior Sara Norton gets gas at the Kwik Trip in Oak Park Heights on March 23. Gas was $3.99/gallon at this location.

Gas prices skyrocket unlike ever before

Mikai Tasch, Social Media Editor-in-Chief and Copy Editor April 19, 2022

On Feb. 24 at approximately 10 p.m., Russian missiles and airstrikes were sent throughout Ukraine, including the capital Kyiv. As a result of the actions taken by Putin, various countries, including the...

Protestors in New York show their support for Ukraine after recent Russian invasion. The protestors dress in shades of blue and yellow to honor the colors of the Ukrainian flag.

Ukraine’s history with Russia leads to conflict

Sophia Arndt, Photography Editor-in-chief and Copy Editor April 15, 2022

Ukraine, though a relatively new country, has had a turbulent history. Ukraine established their independence in 1991, after the fall of the Soviet Union. Unlike other states, Ukraine was not a country...

Junior Sumer Harington

MSHSL implements new high school girls wrestling division

Maya Disher, Photography and Public Relations Editor January 20, 2022

Last spring, the MSHSL was introduced to the idea of creating a girls division for high school wrestling. To implement the girls division, they needed a two-thirds majority vote from their 48 member representative...

Consumer Eugine Romano holds up almonds to show price increase. According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, the price of almonds has risen by $1.30 since June 2018.

Trade War negatively effects consumers

Alex Steil, Online Editor-in-Chief October 1, 2019

You are losing money. I’m losing money. Your parents are losing money. People are losing jobs. We have yet to see the full impact of what this will mean for us. President Donald J. Trump engulfed the...

Government and history students spend time learning about our countrys Constitution and the ways it has shaped and been shaped by America. The countries constitution is not the only one that influences our lives. New changes have been proposed to the Minnesota Constitution.

Additions possible for Minnesota Constitution

Elise Truman, Online Editor March 5, 2019

The United States Constitution was established in 1789 and is the supreme law of the United States. However, each state has its own constitution, focused more on day-to-day operations, as ordained by the...

Alternative Copy story by Emma Lowey

Minnesota female athletes inspire future generations

Logan Huber, Distribution Reporter March 25, 2018

Many students have important people in their lives who they like to call role models. Whether it is in sports, academics, music or just in life in general, these are people others look up to and inspire...

Healthcare: right, not privilege

Healthcare: right, not privilege

Anna Koenning, Social Media Reporter May 4, 2017

Healthcare is here to take care of the American people, that is, unless the people are old, sick, female, or of a low-income household. That is the way President Donald Trump recently unveiled his...

Kamila, along with many others were chosen to be apart of the FLEX exchange program. The exchange program that Kamila is a part of is the FLEX program which give students from former Soviet Union republics (like Ukraine, Georgia, Kazakhstan) scholarships to study in the U.S.  I was a Peace Corps volunteer in one of those countries (Turkmenistan) and knew so many hard-working students who tried to win this scholarship.  A chance to study in the U.S. was life changing to these kids.  So, when I met the coordinator for the program here, I wanted to be able to help a student like the ones I had met in Turkmenistan, Kristin Heinz says.

New culture educates exchange student

Emalyn Brandt, Copy Editor May 10, 2016

Leaving with an abundant amount of 'See you soon's and 'Good luck's in her heart and mind, junior foreign exchange student Kamila begins a new chapter of her life in the United States.  After landing...

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