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O’Neal strives for future dermatology career

Politics is a huge extracurricular piece to senior Sydney O’Neal’s academic agenda. Participating on mock trial and the Young Republicans, O’Neal argues a point on the repeal of Obama Care. Motivated about her future academic standing, O’Neal says, “There will be I think scholarship money if I get in, if I don't get in I'll still go to the U and go to med school.”

Tiana Meador, Editor-In-Chief

March 30, 2017

  As college commitment comes to a close, the University of Minnesota medical school is assessing 10 incoming freshmen who are going to be selected to participate in an accelerated seven-year med program for med school. Of the students initially considered, the U of M has cut the number to...

Young Republicans and Democrats hold first debate

Young Republicans and Democrats hold first debate

Olivia Weirtz, Print Editor-in-Chief

October 25, 2016

There has been an increase seen in the political involvement of students, and this can be attributed largely to the emergence of the Young Democrat and Young Republican clubs last year. Created to educate members about political opinions and beliefs, these clubs have drawn interest from a vast population...

Players dress for success on game days

Photo by Hailey Laubscher The boys JV football game is the whole reason teams dress up. Fans come and support the teams on the home fields and know about it due to the dress up days at school. Junior Brice Hafemeyer says,

Hailey Laubscher, In Studio Anchor

October 12, 2016

Athletes have begun a new advertising strategy to get fans to come to their games. Students have some fun and show the pride they have for their team by dressing up for their game days. Each day in the hallways, one can expect to find a new group of students dressed in crazy outfits. The cause...

Alan Kantrud fights for House seat against Kathy Lohmer

Press photo from

Hannah Boardman, Layout Editor

September 25, 2016

Kathy Lohmer has been the District 39B representative for years, and for the first time since she won in 2010, she is in danger of losing her place. Alan Kantrud, a new-comer to the political scene, is taking the local election by storm with his efforts to replace Lohmer for a seat in the Minnesota Ho...

Students involve themselves in political clubs

Mira LaNasa, Layout Editor

September 25, 2016

The Donald Trump versus Hillary Clinton debate is far from dissipating, and the Young Democrats and Youth Republicans clubs are just as far from agreeing on every issue. However, despite political differences, they are much more alike than many would think. When the Young Democrats and Youth Republican ...

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